An Anti-Feminists Collection of Roosh V Material, For The “Alt-Right” and Nationalists (NSFW)

This is the only time I will make a post with a trigger warning, as I am not a fan of social justice warriors and their childish “microaggression” tendancies. But this needs an actual trigger warning for rape victims; there is graphic material.

It seems we’ve all heard of Roosh V by now. Recently (Note: this was originally written in early 2016), when the latest media saturation of him occurred, I had little information on him and so I fell for the deception of his rape advocacy article being satire. I didn’t care to look deeper until I kept noticing all of these people being obsessed with him, both those who support him and those who don’t. And it really seems to be causing a divide between people. So out of curiosity, I hit google. It is now obvious that the so-called “satirical” article is a distraction tool, meant to make people write Roosh off as a harmless, possibly trollish and chauvinistic (as an anti-feminist woman, it’s really hard to use that word) satirist. You’ll see on the following pages, some of which are from his site, posts by him and excerpts from his books that prove he is indeed an advocate of rape and, if not a fraud, then a rapist himself.

“After dinner we went upstairs and I eased her onto my king-size bed. It took four hours of foreplay and at least thirty repetitions of ‘No, Roosh, no’ until she allowed my penis to enter her vagina. No means no—until it means yes. The sex was painful for her. I was only the second guy she’d ever had sex with…She whimpered like a wounded puppy dog the entire time, but I really wanted to have an orgasm, so I was ‘almost there’ for about ten minutes. After sex she sobbed for a good while…” – Roosh V

“…it is not just feminist hysteria to describe Roosh as a rape advocate.”

Roosh V’s Weak Ego — A Case Study

Secrets of the infamous Daryush Valizadeh aka RooshV aka pro-rape Roosh V

Daryush Valizadeh, Arab Sex Tourist & Blogger, now in Poland

Roosh seems to think that all women are tentacles of one creature with the same vapid personality. That may be just because he was raised muslim, or because he is a dumbass who got burned. Check out these articles at his site:

Look at this bitter whining. *Gasp* Someone spent half an hour talking to you as a friend?! What an annoying cunt! – “I spent 30 minutes on a girl who had no sexual interest in me, but who didn’t mind having an ultimately meaningless conversation because at that moment I was more exciting than her smartphone or friends. In other words, I was just another TV channel, another app, another web site, another radio station, another dancing cock that made her life slightly more interesting and tolerable than what she is capable of doing herself. She used me to temporarily forget about her boring existence…You want from them a specific role that only a female can provide, meaning you plan on either extracting intimacy from her or from one of her friends, and if not then you’re a damn fool because there is nothing more a girl not related to you by blood can provide.” And check out the amusing last part, where he bitches that you actually have to date women to get laid

This article explains a lot – “You have to take on sociopathic traits, put girls on an emotional roller coaster of abuse, and ensure that you view females with great disdain.”

You have to wonder what sort of person seemingly attracts so many emotionally unstable women. It’s possible that these were rape situations in which the women were in such a traumatized state that their behaviour would be perfectly understandable, even denying that they were hurt if he terrified them.

He thinks women are impeding his “sacred nut” when they want him to slow down so they can cum. (And here’s Rooshs article referenced in that one). Not surprising, from the guy who complains about having to do hours of foreplay in order to penetrate a woman. He’s a lazy delusional mess of a misogynist. Yes, even a non-feminist can see that.

The bitterest of the bitter Roosh posts. I don’t approve of drunk people having sex, because it blurs and confuses lines of consent, even when both people are drunk. People should know their limits and control themselves. And I don’t think people should treat sex like a string of “micro-aggressions” where they have to ask for permission each minute. But this little article is Roosh blatantly wishing he didn’t have to be pestered by considerations of morality when it comes to sex.

There are many nasty articles at his site, but also a few that properly debunk feminist nonsense. All of the articles I looked at seemed to have some level of bitterness to them, an “oh woe is me, why do women not pile into my bed?!” tone. From reading some and skimming others, there seems to be more whiny “feel sorry for me because women are fucking bitches and it’s so hard to get laid”, type articles than properly anti-feminist or mens rights ones. It’s equal parts pathetic, amusing, and disturbing.

There are free pdfs of his books floating around if you still think the backlash against him is just feminist bullshit. I won’t post links to minimize the chances of them getting taken down, but google around. Plus there is all of the incriminating information he posts on his own site.

So what do you think, is he a narcissist, an attention whore, a psycho or something else? Whatever the case, there is definitely something wrong with this guy.





11 thoughts on “An Anti-Feminists Collection of Roosh V Material, For The “Alt-Right” and Nationalists (NSFW)

  1. Now: I personally do believe such dirty scum can exist, but my gut feeling tells me we should be cautious about the whole thing. ‘Thou shalt make war through deception’ the mo$$ad motto reads. Divide et Impera is the imported axiom of the zioslime.

    The individual is definitely ugly. Obviously, given the subject, my opinion is not probatory. But I find it quite hard to believe this piece of shit can enter clubs and bars and hook chicks who are all eager to follow him at home. The funniest part of the thing is, these girls unwittingly enter the bedroom and finally state to rest on a ugly foreigner’s owned king-size-bed.

    If even a certain amount of women of this kind do exist, I doubt the aesthetically undergifted ‘arab’ can collect as many of them to write entire books.

    Looks like the soft porn adventures a student sells back when coming home from his disappointing Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Now which is the aim of what I claim to be a ‘possible hoax’?

    a) distract from the real issues by creating a sick porno comedy

    b) concentrate libtards, cucks and feminists on the eeevil of ‘men’

    c) concentrate the attention of the ‘Alt Right’ (Stormfront included) keyboard warriors on demonizing ‘arabs’. This word is intended to indicate all those people living in the Middle East. It is also intended to indicate the phantomatic ‘moosleem exxxxtremist’ aka the I$I$ militant (who is nothing but a deranged olive-skinned mole trained by the mossad or a joo in disguise). It is used to indicate the crypto-jews known as Saudis, too.
    But it is hardly used to indicate the Syrian patriots who fight the globos & die for their country and never think of ‘migrating’ abroad or the Palestinians who get slaughtered anyday by the zionist cancer. That one is their motherland and mainland of ancient cultures.
    It’s important to discriminate and not fall into the jewish propaganda of their hoaxes and false flags.

    d) paint the whites like reprobates who are unable to satisfy their girls, who must recurr to the ‘foreign resources’ to fill their ‘love gap’.

    At the end we have two possibilities: either the sloppy individual is an untermensch borrowed from the decadent & jew-infiltrated ‘western society’ or it is a paid mole, a zionist jew.

    In both cases the fact the living fart is circumcised won’t sadly help us in solving the trick.

    Yet, as for the mass invasion of low life aliens, I sense an unpleasant stink of jew hangin’ around the whole thing.


      1. That’s exactly what most crisis actors are. They perform the vicSim or the $hooter of the scam with various intents, gun grabbing being in the apical position.

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      2. The dick is a zio actor

        The director of the script is a twisted talmudic deviant, pedoporno style. Lets ask holly-joo for more details..

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    1. He could easily be lying about the whole thing, yes. He is quite ugly. However, when it comes to slutty women I think they may have a habit of going for people who have money, so that could explain their attraction to him if he’s telling the truth about his experiences. That, of course, doesn’t excuse rape.

      It does seem like it could be a kike operation…


      1. Let’s be frank. The subhuman talks about very young gals…I wont report here the words he uses, but the sense is obvious to the reader of my words.

        Only prostitutes can do this.
        And there’s plenty of, in any european town, from Belin to Rome, even under-aged ones . Dressed up with perizoma, boots and skin tight t-shirt. Any race is well represented, night and day. This is globalism. A democratic choice indeed.
        Expecially in Ukraine and eastern Europe, you don’t go on picking bats on the road as peaches on a tree.
        If I’m correct on this point, then all his tales become clueless..or extremely unprobable. In a word I find everything to be over-inflated, grossly exaggerated and mispresented to be believed as totally credible.

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    2. I don’t really buy any of it, either. I think believing what your enemies have to say is a fatal mistake.

      It is possible to easily pull a slutty, trashy pseudo-female slut, but no normal man would really want to do that. They’re also not some kind of overwhelming number of women.

      The fact is that we really need to purge all the degenerates eventually. The real problem they cause is they lower trust between the bulk of our people that want someone of their own race, ethnicity, and the opposite sex.

      Low-life pieces of trash that would brag about fucking a girl and making her cry deserve a length of rope and nothing else. Fake or not, dealing with these loons would solve a lot of problems.

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  2. I don’t care if he’s real, or writing letters to Penthouse, Jew or Muslim – if this is the shit he advocates, then he needs to die.
    Where does he live?

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  3. The people must oppose to degeneracy, holding this scum accountable for any act.

    But previously, they have to get rid of the zio-system. All the degeneracy and deviancy imposed as normal or tricky, is mere poisoned fruit of their loom. Pornography, rape, degeneration of costumes, genderism, feminism, misgenetion, pedophily and more, are part of the same plan.

    Whether the zio prick is actually enacting or staging (I believe the latter) it is -partially-of non-primary importance.

    You dont have always to focalize on the first issue, but concentrate on their full aim.

    Distracting from real issue, by creating an event. Divide et Impera. Then, zio feminists will accuse men of constant rape, libtards will agree and white Boobuses will feel guilty for their ‘supremacist pr*ck’.
    Ready to ‘adopt’ colored, pedigree-free kids.
    Trannies will be free to meddle with your daughter or son in the sink of the politically correct school.

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