Take Your Children Back


Traditional education, as they call it, is an educational setting that sits your children down and tells them to repeat lies. It takes away any desire to learn away from your children and builds layer upon layer of barriers in which a person does not want to learn. They desire the opposite, to be left alone, and are unwilling to learn. Some are lucky and keep the thirst for knowledge, others may find it again someday, but most hare happy in ignorance. The only thing children consciously learn, is not to.

Many theorists highlight that children can learn by themselves and do not always need to be “taught”. This is undeniable when you look at social learning theories, which are supported over and over again. Children learn through observation. Schooling is about repetition, and what is it they are to repeat? My son is home schooled and we will not be enrolling our youngest children either. My son is still taking his GCSE examinations though, and he will join a group of other home schooled children; the local council rents a room at a school and we (home school families) pay for the papers.

When researching what will be in the History exam, it became clear that a quarter of one paper was about Germany 1933-1944. My son looked at the past paper and said ‘So I have to diss Hitler to get into college then.’ yes, my son is a very proud National Socialist who has made videos on youtube on the subject of Refugees. I am very proud of his intelligence and spirit. However, I felt uneasy with the fact that children are brainwashed daily into believing a version of History which is untrue. When we take this across the board and apply it to every discipline it becomes apparent that our children are unconsciously being fed an illusion, one we must protect them from. This is much more sinister than our children jus being bored, uninspired and underachieving.

Our children are being taught to hate themselves, hate each other and have pride in other cultures before their own. They are taught lies about space, about ‘science’, about food, about health, about discipline, about honour, about WHO THEY ARE. This beginning of an authoritarian rule upon one’s being; teaching us to sit, accept bullshit and allow our spirit to die before us.

Why is my son going to college then? Because in today’s world right now there is massive opportunity to help and support each other’s dreams. The internet has given people a voice where they can be financially and academically supported from others, without having to get funding with ridiculous criteria obligations from the governments or corporations. A person can sell themselves to their own little world and flourish in their own team. I believe, as an adult being educated in the system, with a good awareness you can resist the biased views with which you are meant to be cemented. And whether we like it or not, degrees help. Lots of people in the truth movement say degrees are worthless, myself included, but contrary to this belief, I have one and I also quote people with degrees all of the time, to give my own ideas and beliefs credence, as do others. Having accredited awards helps to show others dedication, and dedication is something to be proud of. Like all institutional formations there are good principles being used against us to turn us bad.

My biggest problem with systematic privatised industrial education, which sets our children’s curriculum and exams, is that it is teaching our children behaviours and misinforming them with knowingly incorrect information , when their brains are developing, the danger is they are becoming, they are growing, they are constantly being shaped. At their most creative points in life, they are being restricted and boxed in with beliefs that are untrue and harmful. We may feel that we are ‘awake’ now, but the reason most are not is because the education system has killed the yearning for knowledge that we naturally have, and for those who believe they still have it are usually ‘know it all’s’ who know nothing, except for a bunch of ‘facts’ they believe to be real. These people are very hard to unstick, way harder than the ones who will not pick up a book.

If we want a future for our children, we have to let them discover the world for themselves, aiding them constantly. Discussing their thoughts and ideas with them, and being willing to learn from their fresh un-indoctrinated eyes. Is it hard to home school? Yes and no. It has financial woes, but so does education, with school dinners, uniforms and clothing, day trips and stationary. The biggest stress of schools, is stress itself; parents have to jump through their hoops as they tell you what to do, and how to be, as they diss your children and parenting style. Teachers with self esteem issues get off on their sense of control in your life; interfering, invasive, character shaping, inhumane, mass producing people, making industry.

Education is not there to educate us or our children, it is there to turn us into somebody else. I love my children just as they are, thank you.

I find it all very unfortunate because the downside of home schooling is that our children do not get enough outside appraisal, which I believe is important. We can tell them they are awesome all day, but they know we are also biased. I am not against group educating, and in the correct circumstances would allow my child to be with a group of peers a few times a week, but not for 8-9 hours a day under this or any system. If we want our future, we need to be willing to all out invest in it. That means bringing up our own children, and letting them show us the way. If we don’t, we are giving them away to a society deeming that whiteness is poison and that they are unworthy in comparison to others.

Let them realize who they really are: powerful, magical, beautiful, passionate, creative, intelligent, compassionate, fiery, honourable, thoughtful, playful and Justified. And let us not forget, the company we keep rubs off on us. If you want to defend your people, be with the best of them.



22 thoughts on “Take Your Children Back

  1. Homeshooling should be the preferred option although this is not always possible, depending on one’s circumstances. Primary School education can be useful-a free form of childcare but it is important that you dictate to the teachers, not the other way around. Show them who is the boss and put them in their place when necessary! As far as degrees are concerned they are two a penny and a waste of money. Universities have become centres of indoctrination and degeneracy. Far better to encourage a young man to learn a practical trade. This way he will always have work and the potential to be self employed. Girls don’t need the same amount of education. If they are pretty enough then the father should select a mate for them when they are old enough and they will not need to work. A plain looking girl may have to be educated though.


    1. @Wotans Krieger – U have a problem with women, u have serious issues. Middle Age suits u best. Ud do that to ur own daughter (if pretty), find a mate and force her to marry? Ure a pile of vomit, really.

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      1. I have no “problem with women” and I have no “serious issues”-sounds very much like popular jewish psychology you have been reading or you would not use the term “issues”. A man should choose a suitable mate for his daughter and not leave it to the capricious nature of women and their fleeting and changing emotions-this is the cause of much race-mixing in the west. Furthermore this is how it was done in traditional Aryan society and still is today in traditional societies outside of the west, What you need to do now is wash your filthy mouth with soap and water. Harridans like you are the reason why many western men are choosing Asian mates-mend your ways child! Mend your ways! You were clearly short of a few spankings when you were younger.


    2. All women should be educated so they can make the correct choices for themselves and the family that they have chosen, I choose to bring up my own children because I love being a mum and even if I didn’t want to home educate, you cannot control Jewish ‘free childcare’.

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      1. Only in a degenerate society such as have in the polluted ‘west’ are women permitted to choose their mates. This is and always has been the role of the father.


      2. Then you are denying self determination to the women.

        In a word, the jews have been reducing the role of women to a farce. They don’t know what they are: soldiers, pilots, riders, porno stars? Or ‘women in career’, objects of politically correct sexual desire ? Mothers and wives? Certainly not: too ‘patriarchal’.

        Or again, as in the zio tribal society, a tool to be displayed in the back of their synagogues, conveniently fenced by zio barbed wire in the shape of a black iron gate?

        I wouldn’t consider as My Girl, a woman who has been compelled to marry me because her father decided it. Indeed, there’s nothing traditional about it. It may sound pretty cabalistic, on the contrary.


      3. I am not arguing that only the ‘west’ is degenerate as the effects of the Kali Yuga are being felt worldwide but it is only in the west that women are allowed to choose their mates and only in the west where they then engage in race-mixing and mating with inferior types of their own race. This degeneration of the west is my primary and only concern and for this to be halted man (as in mankind) must revert to the traditional male and female roles and not tresspass beyond this role except in times of dire necessity.
        By the way, yes you can dictate to the state educators. Here in England a parent can withdraw their child from any classes that conflict with her or her Weltanschauung. It just means that men must grow testacles and demonstrate to the state that the child is the possession of the father, not the state and thus determine what the child is taught.


      4. Absolutely. It’s obvious that:

        a tight-knit couple can exist on the necessary condition both share same vision, roots, culture and education

        ‘Where a great man is, there stands a great woman’. Popular aphorism.


    3. In order to home teach kids we need the parents to be aware, awake and conscious.

      Education is needed from both. Education is heritage, is Roots is Culture. Something unknown to the current decerebration factories names universities or schools.

      Their ‘education” is a tool for control.

      In a family not only kids need a woman, a mother who’s able to interpret, to understand, to help, to educate and support them (men are sometimes weaker than women on specific aspects).

      Relationships between people of different cultural background are easily scheduled to fall in tatters.
      Which kind of interchange would you have with a woman who can’t share your opinions? Sex won’t last that long, and once passion’s gone you have nothing.

      Then consider this. We may like it or not and sometimes may dislike it but it’s always the girl, the female who states which man is good for her. The choice is up to her. We simply accept her choice (if we like, appreciate and trust the girl).


      1. Nice sentiments but recent history proves that this is faulty reasoning. The Bhagavad Gita makes it clear that “out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of caste.” In a ordered caste based society where man is rightly master of his hearth the confusion of caste will not happen for no sane right thinking man would permit his daughter to foul the genes which she has borrowd and is a custodian of by not only mating with an alien race but with an inferior man. This is why we see so many good Nordic female physical specimens either mating with negroes or with ‘white’ people who are clearly of inferior quality: the work shy, alcoholics, drug addicts and petty criminals. What a woman would permit, a man, particular a father would not. Thus if we are to have any hope of stemming the tide of degeneration in the west the man must grow some testicles and regain mastery of his household. Unfortunately many supposedly ‘racially aware’ ‘white’ women are too proud and too indoctrinated by feminism and ‘girl power’ to appreciate my arguments but instead revert to type by the use of personal invective which proves my case for me! It is no wonder that some western men look for mates outside of the west-and who can blame them?


      2. So to solve the problems that have arisen, if you cannot beat them, join them? We will all willingly be outbred, men and women alike? Women who usually have interracial relationships, have no idea of national socialism or it’s implications, the men who find them at fault and then have interracial relations, knowing of the implications, and the agenda at large are by far worse. Willingly choosing ignorance over being taught ignorance (by Jews) is very different.I am with Hitler on the stance of women, and he wanted them educated well.
        And to willingly blame women is just blaming men by default, it says that you are to weak to control us (not that I agree with this argument or blaming any of us, I blame the jew).

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      3. Then, if we go back to hinduism and the cast led society, we won’t see a People or a Nation by a country indoctrinated by religious fetish.
        I don’t condemn aprioristically Hinduism but certainly, basing a tradition-based society (sorry for the aliteration) on ancient dogma it’s not a feasible choice.
        Both in Fascism and in National Socialism, just to make an opposite exemple, all religions were compelled to mantain a defiled profile. The Sense of the Sacred was ruling, then. The great inter-action with Mother Nature and the rites of the solar Community were addressed to search and find into Mother Nature the very own ancient, mystical Roots.
        Women and Men were on equal footing.
        Jedem das Seine.
        Each equally important in bringing to themselves, their family and their community of folks solidarity, strenght and power over the enemies.

        We can’t stick on outdated matra of castes, or religious induced mysoginism. The society we’re longing for looks at man and women with no hierarchical sentiment but as equal members of a community in which each sex has its own fundamental and topic role.

        See the SS Heit heft (books that were provided to the SS men and women to educate and ethically train them as Political Soldiers)

        Now I have had girlfriends abroad. I can tell you the diseducation steps on very fast, anywhere in the world. Again, it is a very demokratic tool indeed. Ultimately, you can choose your destination: wherever you go, you’ll find nearly the same modernistic mentality.
        Then, do we want to talk about the current half men? Who is to blame for what has happened? I’d put 60-70% of the blame on the deballed western ‘men’ who have accepted all this. I have posted an article about how these half degenerate reprobates are behaving in Scandinavia. It’s from Tomatobubble. No wonder the weakest sluts of the modernistic, rotten and fake world jump on the dildo of feminism!


  2. You have misinterpreted my statement. I am not advocating race-mixing but if traditional ‘white’ men are unable to attract a suitable female mate because of the masculinisation of western women then it is not surprising if he resorts to a mail order bride!
    Regarding the beliefs of Hitler on the education of women, perhaps you could cite the relevant source?
    I am not ‘blaming’ women as such. What I am illustrating here is that due to the abandonment of man as master of his own hearth he has permitted the women of his household too much liberality to the extent that she has been allowed to choose her own mate and consequently many of them have resorted to wanton abandoment and sluttish behaviour-which needs correction. Indeed most ‘white’ women go from ‘mate’ to ‘mate’, rutting without any restraint or forethought.


    1. I’m not talking of mixing. I’ll try to breifly focalize the subject.

      The world has been re-built by zio globalism. It means that wherever you go you find same products, same trendy-trasy fashion, same sub-principles and sub-culture. Check Japan.
      Now let’s o To Russia, Ukraine, Chzek Republik or whatever. I don’t mean to mail order somebody. I mean go-and -look. You’ll see very similar stances, similar way of acting, same way of behaving. It happened quite in a short time. But it tragically happened.

      The dis-education hits women and men. You can’t keep a woman with a leash. There’s must be interaction and mutual respect if you want to build something. That’s why same roots and same culture are ‘institute’ when it comes to family and people.

      For my claims on the Leit Heft check the book:

      The Order of the SS: Ethics and Principles, introduced by Leon Degrelle.



    2. The whole family members, Mother and Father, have to educate the offspring. They must try to teach and address to their kids values and principles the harder thay can. They cannot compell daughters to marry someone if this very one doesn’t fit the daughter’s taste. It’d be highly counterproductive.


  3. Rudolf, your notions of ‘equality’ and your denial of caste (a feature of all Indo-European peoples including the Teutons) have more to do with the anti-ideals of the French revolution which subsequently influenced all other revolutions including the Russian than with traditional Aryan society.
    Yet by the same token you will make vague references to the Third Reich which lasted a mere 12 years and was not what you would call a society based upon tradtion. I never cease to be surprised by the American fascination for 1930s Germany and fail to see how this can be successfully aplied to 2016. Neither do I call man being master in his own house equating to ‘keeping women on a leash’ unless of course the woman (the majority in the west today) is a slut. A girl who has been properly brought up with discipline would have been introduced to one or more potential mates of the father’s choosing during her early years, thus it would not come as a ‘shock’ to her. In this sense one could say that the girl had an element of ‘choice’ unless of your course you subscribe to anti-traditional, unAryan and feminist notions of women ‘owning their bodies’ and choosing to fornicate with any pig in the farmyard? You are unfortunately very much a product of your time-the Kali Yuga. Unless you make a break with this involuted degenerate Kali Yuga 21st century ‘thinking’ and others like you then the race you appear to love will be extinguished for ever-and this would be fully deserved.


    1. My humble, but possibly shared opinion is, your archaic concept of castes and religious mantra have their specific roots in modern world. Roots dating back the criminal jewish owned private ‘central bank’ of England.

      The idea of castes, of division of peoples into statistic intervals, sticks much with the modern idea of wealth-based society. As judeo christians and zio calvinists use to say.. ‘if you are rich, it’s sign of god. If poor, you’ve been cursed by him and do deserve what you experience’

      The plutocratic, dainestocratic society based on judaism is funded on this very concept of castes. Switching from Hinduist mysticism to jewish ‘bucksterism’ is not too long a step.

      The People of a Nation is One!

      No castes based on whatever census are admitted.

      No man is equal to another but all should work to fulfill their innate capacities and to be useful to the others. Again: Jedem das Seine.

      Everyone with its own capacity for all the others and all for the each.

      A well shared concept Fascism introduced in the Chart of Labour and in its basic principles.

      The simple idea of castes is totally alien to European culture, even if referred to the famous castes of Priests, Warriors and Merchants, or else, Vassalli, Valvassori and Valvassini of the Middle Ages.

      The castes are an human artifact to cast society. Hence, a conservative or reactionary tool (if we want to use a political term).

      Fascism and National Socialism are revolutionary. They represent a human reinassance and a political revolution. This is an important argument you tend to ignore, by focalizing your attention on arguments linked to religious induced costumes .

      They applied the same principle the Romans used: separation between secular state and faiths.

      Buddhism was born as a reaction to a society blocked and casted into castes.

      The Political Soldiers are not a caste in the sense of the term but an Order. They are common citizens required to fulfill a harder duty.

      -The matter of the offspring has been quitly examined above.

      Instead, I’m not american and, you can believe me or not, I don’t stick to modernism.


  4. Rudolf, you have made the classic error in viewing the ancient pre-xtian Indo-European caste system as a class system. The two are completely incompatable. May I draw your attention to Chapter 35 Regression of the Castes in Julius Evola’s Revolt against the Modern World. I agree that the CLASS system is rooted in post Norman Conquest jewish capitalism introduced into England after the defeat of the Anglo-Saxon nation of England which even after xtianisation still exhibited elements of the Germanic caste system as outlined in the Lay of Rig in the Poetic or Elder Edda-Jarl, Karl, Thrall which was already a corrupted version of the Indo-European system of priest,noble,producer (the slave caste of Thrall or Sudra was an unAryan element that came in later). I refer you to My Aryan Myth and Metahistory and Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blogs where I discuss the Germanic and Aryan caste systems in a lot of detail and from many different aspects.
    The class system is based in mercantilism or capitalism, notions which are abhorrent to the Aryan spirit and are rooted certainly in the jewish spirit.
    The breakdown of the caste system was complete with the Industrial Revolution of the 18th-19th centuries in England where whole populations drifted from the rural village to the unhealthy and unGermanic cities and towns which sprung or expanded with the rapid process of industrialisation. Here we have the fall into capitalism and the subsequent marxist revolt of what one would call the Fourth Estate.
    As part of the recovery of the Aryan spirit we must initiate a new caste system based upon the old. The ancient caste system was not hierarchical in the sense that 20th century man views hierarchy but could be compared to the limbs of the body. Each limb or organ has his part to play and would not be able to function without the co-operation of the others.
    Whilst there were many noble aspects to National Socialism its ultimate weakness was the fact that it was a mass movement designed to elevate the herd-something which goes against nature. Its other weakness was its obsession with biological race at the expense of the race of the spirit. We are not all equal-nature does not recognise such a concept and neither is the Aryan inherently superior. Indeed he is not or he would not be in this current predicament. In fact from a racial point of view he is the most bastardised of races if we accept the Nordic to be the standard. Variety in physical characteristics is a sure sign of mongrelisation.
    The concept of a ‘secular’ state is a contradiction of everything that our ancestors believed in-both prextian and xtian and is yet another example of the degeneracy of the Kali Yuga and the descent into base and dense matter.


    1. Julius Evola, though a valent thinker has drifted somehow beyond the point of no return.

      No doubt his works are essential for the understanding of ancient origins and myths.
      At a certain point of his life, his methaphisical stance turned into an ontologic ibrid: something which was away from revolutionary Fascism. It was a sort of ‘reactionarism’.

      – Castes and classes: a fair point. If it matches the already reported motto: Jedem das sign, we all intend the same thing. But the term ‘cast’ itself brings a pregnant meaning: superior and inferior. Is today’s world able to skip the mercenary (acquired) significance of it?

      – myths and origins: another fair one.

      The reality moves through ‘cycles’: Vico said, all Things come back. They’ll never be identical, though.

      We have to accept the basic, founding pillars and myths of our society, without pretending to resuscitate what cannot be.
      A secular state in its prominent (and original) meaning stands for a state where religion has its role, even an important one, but cannot interphere with the management of the state.

      The state is managed by the best people in the interest of the people and the nation. Consequently, it will always bear the ‘imprinting’ of its mythical or religious beliefs.

      – Fixation about biologic racism and concept of superiority.

      There’s much of jewish propaganda behind these ‘issues’. In fact, to both arguments was indeed attributed scarce importance by the doctrine of National Socialism, and even lesser from Fascism.

      It was used as a propaganda tool to enhance the sense of the Nation in people who had been oppressed by the ‘allies’ and the shameful and degenerate Weimar Republik.

      Rosenberg was one of the main supporters of these theories which never raised to common conscience, despite what the current propaganda tries to sell.


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