Jewish Agender


Richard Von Krafft-Ebing, who wrote ‘Psycopathia Sexualis’ in 1886, discussed the bases of his own belief that sexual lust was engineered by procreation, that our sexual desire and drive complied with nature and that any other sexual behaviour was seen as unnatural and therefore sexual deviancy and a mental disorder. This book was pretty much a classification of insanity like our diagnostic manuals of psychological disorders today, which include paraphilia’s (unusual sexual behaviours). Krafft-Ebing used what he called Cerebral Neurosis to describe such insanity and claimed that the jewish people where rife with it. He stated:

the jews are inclined to mental and nervous disease in considerably higher numbers than the Teutons…we see such extraordinary disturbances caused by hereditary degeneration.

He further argued that their religion had tainted their race and that to be jewish was synonymous with having what he called ‘Psycopathia Sexualis’. Krafft-Ebing argued that Religion within the jewish race had caused them considerable damage and caused:

abnormally intensified sensuality and sexual excitement that lead to sexual errors that are of etiological significance

His work is mostly ignored and swept aside for the oncoming of Fraud and his psychoanalytical theory. However, when sexology is mentioned in regard to recent founders, Krafft-Ebing and Magnus Hirschfield are seen as leading the subject, but their opinions differ widely.

Magnus Hirschfield and two “ladies”

Hirschfield is jewish and opened the doors quite literally for what Krafft-Ebing would call unnatural. Hirschfield brought Berlin the ‘Scientific Humanitarian Committee’ (WHK, Wissenchaftlich-Humanitare Komitee) in 1897. This committee campaigned for the social recognition of Homosexual, Bisexual and Transsexual rights. The committee was based in ‘The Institute for Sexual Sciences’ until 1933. The non-profit institute was opened with the help of jewish psychiatrist Arthur Kronfeld and was headed by Magnus Hirschfield himself (pictured to the side with two cross dressing males). They built a library on same sex relations and ‘academic erotica’ and advocated sexual education, contraceptions, women’s emancipation, treatment of STD’s and social acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality. Hirschfield was involved in a public scandal (the Harden–Eulenburg affair) in which he testified of homosexuality within the empire, with the hopes that this would start the a public acceptance of homosexuality. Hirschfield was seen as a sexual expert and dubbed ‘the Einstein of sex’. Ironically, although the real jewish Einstein himself was not a speaker, he donated and was a signatory towards the reform for which Hirschfield fought.

When we look into Hirschfield’s aims it becomes apparent that these foundations, which Hitler so readily halted by sending these jewish ‘doctors’ packing, became a template for the jewish The Kinsey Institute,which now promotes the same ideals that were formed back in the early 1900’s. In fact the Kinsey scale of sexuality and Hirschfield’s list of three are almost identical. Hirschfield never discussed the reasoning behind what makes a transvestite or transsexual, as he saw it as natural alike his own homosexuality. Of course Freud had a stab at connecting it to repression and emulation because of a lack of parental love.

Hirschfield appeared in the film ‘Alders als die Andern’ (translates to ‘Different from the Others’), which was directed by another jewish man called Richard Oswald. This was seen as healthy propaganda for Hirschfield’s committee.

Hirschfield organised the first congress for sexual reform, which led to ‘The World League of Sexual Reform’, headed by Hirschfield. Congresses ran in Copenhagen in 1928, London in 1929, Vienna in 1930, BRNO in 1932.

The congresses had these speakers:

Magnus Hirschfield himself obviously spoke about sexual reform law.
Harry Benjamin was also a speaker at this ‘world league of sexual reform’ and is also a jew, I assure you the coincidence here will more than peak, hence the title of this piece. Benjamin brought in the idea of hormones and chromosomes, using a ‘biological determinist’ theoretical approach. I have mentioned him below Hirschfield as I had just discussed Kinsey, who happened to be very, very good friends with Benjamin. Kinsey referred his transexuals to Benjamin for reassignments. I think we have a theoretical and physical link between the jewish institute that Hitler closed down and the institute in the US today that teaches our children that what were formerly seen as sexual perversions but commonplace in jewish lives, are now given to us as a normality… from jews.
Norman Haire was born a zionist jew and was also a speaker on behalf of sexual reform. He was a homosexual gynaecologist. He had a great influence upon the feminists who were also pushing for their own emancipation, as well as the sexual reform. He was good friends with jewish banking families Iver Montagu, who directed a small comedy with Norman Haire and some other friends.
Vera Brittain was a feminist who fought for women’s emancipation and the freedom of jews. Her family was well off and owned paper mills.
Dora Russell was also a feminist and married to Bertrand Russell of a British noble family.
Lili Elbe 1926.jpgBertrand Russell spoke on sexual reform. He was of noble descent and was thought to have bribed Churchill during the second world war to the advantage of the jew.
Charles Vickory Drysdale was an advocate for population reduction and co-founded the ‘family planning association’ in Britain, 1930. He also was born into a noble family.
Ernst Grafenberg was a jewish Gynaecologist who invented the first IUD (Coil) contraceptive device. He is also known for the G-spot, which was first named the Grafenberg spot.
Marie Stopes was a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in the UK. She was an avid Eugenicist. Although she claimed to be against lesbianism, her reason given promotes more than dissuades; if women had sexual relations with another women, she would then leave her family as a man could never then fulfil her needs.
M D Eder was a jewish pioneer psychiatrist who used the psychoanalytical theory.
George Ives was a homosexual who founded alongside Hirschfield the ‘British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology’, later named the ‘British Sexological Society’. These societies were particularly focused upon homosexuality reform thought.
Felix Abraham was one of the first jewish surgeons to work on a transgender operation in 1931, which resulted in complications and the later death of the client (some believe it was actually suicide). This story of Lile Elbe (pictured to the right) was made into a book in 2000 by David Ebershoffan, which was the basis for the Oscar winning hollywood movie in 2015. The story, of course, was not entirely correct, but a fictionally inspired motion picture, to publicise the jewish agender.
Dr Levy Lenz was the other jewish surgeon who completed the first transgender operation, under the watch of institute founder Hirschfield.
Bernard Shaw was an avid Marxist reader and Soviet enthusiast and friend of Stalin.
Ethal Mannin was in owe of jewish man Norman Haire and was born into a family of Socialists. She continued her father’s ideals.
Peter Schmidt was a jewish painter.
William J Robinson was a contraception crusader whose works were published by jewish publicist Joseph Lewis.
Jack Flugel was a Freudian psychiatrist.

As you can see that there were more than a few jews, bar a few noble bloodlines and feminists campaigning free love and abortion, in a room together reforming our sexual behaviours, using their own abnormal norms to shape ours. It often makes me think – you cannot build a world without putting yourself in it. According to Krafft-ebing’s beliefs that would assume our world to now be ‘sexually perverted’, because our leaders are ‘heredity degenerate’.

It appears the jewish gender game actually began over a hundred years ago. It is being pushed upon us now at a very fast pace. It is a criminal offence to disagree, it is forced that we must accept, and it is becoming more common for children to be subject to being transgender candidates. This is not a game that is easily reversed, children being coaxed into self-castration at the hands of those who “know best”.

It is recorded that 41% of transgenders have attempted suicide. Now of course that blame will be directed at the feet of the unaccepting. But hollywood and showbiz are making transgenderism popular, hip and cool, just like television did with homosexuality. The main idea here is that we are to become either asexual or sexual in any way shape or form coupled with depression, shame and guilt. But I think we understand what is normal and abnormal and we are very unhappy in this created-for-us (not by us) society.

This world has oddities that are hard to explain and there are definitely people who could be suffering hormonal difficulties biologically (I would argue for the most part we are being chemically and socially engineered), so I am not necessarily condemning the people suffering from some kind of gender dysfunction, but rather our rulers who are forcing this rare genetic disharmony upon us en masse.


Because we are being socially engineered, farmed, molded, shaped, and brainwashed into being someone and something else.



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