Ivanka Trump: Why TRUMP Stands With Israel


5 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump: Why TRUMP Stands With Israel

  1. Who doesnt know the trumpeted trump is a zio-tool, yet…?

    Maybe the idiots who go to vote and are proud to pay taxes to their illegitimate and criminal regime.
    Trump is even worse than the dyke of the crapper Hillary.

    At least everybody knows what a filthy creature she is…

    Remember: you cannot partecipate to their Paper Games if your are not on the CFR payroll!

    Anyway, the harsh lesbian is scheduled to win the quadriennial freak show..

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  2. all neo-cons stand with Israel… but are happy to pay illegal migrant muslims to clean hotels or slaughter chickens


    1. We must get rid of the supposed difference between libtards and cucks.

      They are the same degenerate psychos. The same sneaking freaks who are nothing more than puppets.

      DemocRats and RepubliCucks and two horrid faces of the same medal. And there’s the six pointed star on either side of it, too.

      What you see during the freaky paper games is all STAGED. It’s a script somebody else is writing for them. Don’t get fooled. Whatever they say it’s farce. Or they have signed a contract with you?

      Here lies the arch-criminal scam of democracy!

      The is NO difference among them. They are both a filthy abort of the same stinking zionist jewess.

      Reject their ridiculous show. Reject their narrative. Only by boycotting them and the occupation system they represent, we can sort out of it.


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