Auschwitz – The New Vacation Destination


5 thoughts on “Auschwitz – The New Vacation Destination

  1. Great vid.

    I grab the chance to make my congrats to you for the job you are doing:
    on this site
    on firestarterradio
    on your youtube, musical account (nice, warm, feminin vocals and incredible lyrics) Going to make a compilation into a Summer ‘mush-up-mix’.

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  2. Ladies, I cannot prevent myself to post one of my recent messages which is in tune with the topic of the thread:

    If skeptical about how millions decerebrated people can blindly believe in hoaxes, then take a deep breath and adventure yourself in the world of the laughter:

    Moshe Peer’s astounding Holy Shoah tale – Gassed six times by the Nazis and survived!!

    “I passed through the gas chamber at least a half a dozen times, through this vapor-filled “shower” room which, at Bergen-Belsen, was used as a torture chamber for both physical and mental torture, and in which women and children died.”

    “During my stay at Bergen-Belsen, I went to the showers six (6) or seven (7 ..Wooo the power of numbers!) times. I will describe things just as they happened, and remember that this is no fiction. These showers were, in reality, gas chambers. Chambers to be filled with poisoned vapors, chambers of death.”

    — Moïse-Israël Przemyslawski (a.k.a. Maurice Prémilat a.k.a. Moshe [Moshi] Peer a.k.a. Mo Is)

    Holocaust survivor “Moshe Peer” is fairly notorious because of an article about him that appeared in the Montreal Gazette in 1993, which claimed that as a boy of 12, he’d survived six (6!) separate gassings at Bergen-Belsen, a camp in which homicidal gassing are not claimed by (zio) historians to have occured.

    To this day, Moshe doesn’t know how he survived.

    He still has nightmares about the horror.

    Moshe is most angry that the entire world, as he says, “stood by and let it happen.”

    The entire world is guilty of the Hoaxacaust, and should never forget and never allow it to happen again.

    …………….Amerikansss…? Where’s the buckk..???


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