‘Lemme See You Milfshake’

Last month I started writing and researching an article named, ‘Hucow, how long can we go?’, which I later trashed, believing that nobody would find it interesting and perhaps that it was not as big an issue as I thought it was. (Hucow means human cow; it is used in porn to describe adult nursing.) So I put my research away, which included lots and lots of women’s fantasy books about breastfeeding men, but now I feel compelled to bring it back out.

The scene is set with a woman who has not nursed for a while and needs to express – enter the hot pervert who milks from her, and then in their beautiful language, she milks him. Disgusting stuff, but growing in popularity. I found out about this ‘lifestyle’ when researching normal breastfeeding. I was shocked to find the same amount of erotic nursing books as natural nursing books.

When I visit my mum it is the norm for us to watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon, which I do not mind so much as I take the opportunity to analyze the extent of the degradation being normalised.

We watched ‘Bad Neighbours’ and I had to look away when a swollen breasted mum shouts ‘be a man and milk me’ to her husband after her express applicator breaks. I also recall the scene in ‘Me, Myself and Irene’ – in those days I was unaware, and while it made me feel unpleasant, it certainly didn’t make me think, WTF, are they normalising adult nursing?

But now I do think that is exactly what they are doing, and the reason I decided to re-write this short piece of sickness was these ‘beautiful’ lyrics:

Heard you in the mood for a little milkshake,
Welcome to the dairy duchess love factory

I know many will argue it means milking the man (that term is awful), but the video sexualizes a mum feeding her child. The advert on YouTube, which highlighted this very shit song to me, showed the baby nursing, then a man across Fergie’s knee immediately afterward in the next screenshot. To me this was an adult nursing alert!

The video is also full of occult symbolism as well as pedophilia, as a girl with her mum stands seductively with milk. We have a huge number of milfs (mum I’d like to follow, apparently). While Kim Kardashian has been pouring milk over herself, she has also recently pushed the incest agenda with ‘in bed’ art in her husband’s video, where a group of ‘famous’ people lay together, with the inclusion of her transgender daddy/mummy figure. Fergie’s video also promotes the female ‘teacher’ having sex with students fantasy.

Maybe I am crazy, but I do not think this video promotes breastfeeding and mothers, as some people hope, but promotes adult feeding instead, amongst a host of other agendas.

If you have not yet seen the degenerate video, the link is below.



11 thoughts on “‘Lemme See You Milfshake’

  1. Degeneracy is a tool for mass control

    The amount of degeneracy you can get from holly-jew, hip-hop, rap, techno-dance etc is amazing.

    Not to mention the net: sado-maso violence and rape, pedophily and mixed sex. All this at hand with a simple click for anyone.

    Pedophily and genderism imposed at kids in school and in the public shitters, zio entertainment industry pushing hard for perversion. Confusion of roles, attacks on the biology of man and woman via their transex mantra, and more.

    The abuse of the language by linguistic manipulation and political fairness does the rest.

    What do people get out of it?

    It’s the old story of the frog which gets boiled unawarely by incremental doses of heat applied under the pot.

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  2. Mrs Robinson song – Paul Simons and Art Garfunkel.
    The Graduate film – Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky and Joseph Levine.
    American Pie – Weitz brothers.
    Stacy’s mom- Schlesinger
    Porn- Nina Hartley & All Goldstein
    Desperate Housewives- Greenstein, Gorenberg, Weisman, Edelstein and Grossman. ABC- Katzenburg and Eisher.
    Real Housewives- Bonnie Hammer
    MTV movie awards We Made It about Republican/Sarah Palin/FoxNews.
    Adam Sandler Grandma’s boy

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  3. The whole ‘entertainment indu$try’ is jew owned. It goes from the nefarious Hollywood

    -which saw its increasing success in the mass of the decerebrated bubbas at the end of WWII (many dummies, photoshopped pics and ‘survs’ of the holy holoHoax) gained zio glory due to the ‘competence’ of the zio film-makers, technicians, liers and frausters of the time-

    to the music panorama. It then goes from ads to e-commerce. Again It goes from the msm to the pay-per-view Tv and to the satanic Disney and its sub-products.

    Any production of the indicated central agencies of brainwashing and disinfo is lethal.

    IN ANY movie you can see mental programming rolling on.

    Go to the theatre: any of us has possibly had a girlfriend or whatever who has been involved in some ‘acting academy’. Thus, we have somehow been forced to attend the show, just to please our friend. The story is simple: 99% of neo-modern production is modernist, meaning it promotes the anti-values the jew-owned society smuggles as a ‘conquest’.
    Take care: this happens meanwhile the acting cast is totally unaware of what the significance of their acting means.
    Decerebrating machine at full steam!

    Sports such as soccer, football, NBA ( a fraud of its own) are a scam themselves and openly promote the above indicated freaky agenda.
    Also individual sports such as tennis have seen the dark tranny sis’ winning the trophy in the ol’ continent. But we can say the same for any sport involving the dark triad: money, selfishness & eXXtreme edonism, brainwashing of the masses (buck-mock-frack) with an exception regarding sports with low budget and most motorsports (at least the most masculine and traditional examples of it where mere passion emerges: roadracing, hillclimbing etc.) where you indeed risk your life.

    It is called ‘Tittainment’….It was a prominent zio jew who minted the term….


  4. That scene with Jim Carrey totally shocked me when I first saw that. I was 18 years old and not experienced with motherhood or knew anything about pregnancy and lactating. Only since becoming a mother in my 30’s I’ve noticed how the Hollywood film industry is making breast feeding as something erotic. A lot of young mothers are pushed to breastfeeding their newborns by the whole media, health professionals, friends, family, advertising, ect but ignore the fact many mothers find it very hard. Then the rag papers write/publish stories about adults drinking breast milk from human females or from bottles. It’s being considered “normal” when it isn’t. It’s perverted. Milk is for babies.

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  5. That scene with Jim Carrey totally shocked me when I first saw that. I’ve noticed how the Hollywood film industry is making breast feeding “erotic”. Tabloid press write trash stories of how adults are drinking human breast milk. It’s being considered “normal” when it isn’t. It’s perverted. Milk is for babies not disgusting adults.


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