Russian-Backed Coups and Interventionism is ‘Good’?


3 thoughts on “Russian-Backed Coups and Interventionism is ‘Good’?

  1. Some logic:

    -if the neo ottoman crypto zionist puppet Erdokhan is a friend of i$rae£ and Putin is a jew, how can they collide? Parallel Convergences they are named

    -can a putsch be organized by the russian intelligence and fail that miserably?
    This is a ‘coup de theatre.


  2. I find it incredible that the USA, the world’s zionist policeman can behave illegally and interfere in the politics of every country outside of the Orient and yet Russia encircled by American puppet regimes and with american nuclear missiles aimed at it should take no steps to defend itself. Typical of American media it is easier to make up lies, especially about Russia than to report the truth. The so-called ‘rebels’ in the east of the Ukraine are ethnic Russians who are rightly defending themselves from the illegitimate anti-Russian Ukrainian government who is seeking nothing less than the extermination of the minority Russian population within its disputed borders.
    The truth of the matter is, the Ukraine is an artificial political entity. The Ukrainians are simply a part of the Russian folk. The USA would not tolerate a hostile regime from encircling its borders yet Russia is supposed to tolerate it. The USA have broken the agreement that it made with the former USSR in allowing countries within Russia’s orbit of influence becoming members of NATO. The USA has been following an aggressive policy towards Russia as soon as it became evident that Russia was recovering from its post Soviet economic meltdown. This short video is barely disguised zionist propaganda.


    1. Gasme of Characters.

      In a role play the two main actors acts as the good and bad cop. But they all belong to the same unit.

      Obongo the homo-dongo and Putiskan are both of the same tribe.
      They play their role like kids bickering for a toy. But they’ll both follow what they tribe masters have planned for them.

      Wipe your politically correct tears, get rid of your ‘righteous’ discomfort and discover the truth: ‘Wissen mach Frei’, they say.

      Also start to collect monet to make a trip to Ukraine and discover a country which has been slaughtered and occupied by zionist jews since the dawn of times.

      Holomodor, communism and now, nato-zionist-us-regime’s occupation.
      The people of the East have their rights to pretend Ukraine to be independent and free. And that’s my wish for them, though they are living bad times again, deceived, humiliated and occupied by the warmongering power of the sneaking jew.

      For the same reason, Putin dont give a dime about the people of the East, who are suffering from the ‘game of characters’. The full script has been typed since long…


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