Miss (Anti-White) USA

From the very start of the show when actor Terrance J, a black man, walked out to host with the beautiful Aryan looking princess, dancer/actress Julianne Hough, it was clear that I was about to watch some bullshit propaganda take place.


After the contestants introduced themselves, our hosts introduced the judges panel which, naturally, was made up of a diverse group of people which included Joe Zee, a gay, Chinese fashion designer, Crystle (why do black people screw up the spelling of even the simplest of names?) Stewart, a bi-racial woman and winner of Miss USA 2008, and the Hispanic model/actress as well as Miss USA 1996, Ali Landry.

Needless to say I was not at all surprised when the top ten finalists were narrowed down to include three black women, a Polynesian, and a Hispanic. Interesting that despite most of the contestants being white, half of the top ten were non-white.

The women competed in the evening gown competition, then the interview section. After that, it was narrowed down to three “diverse” contestants: Two black women (Miss District of Columbia and Miss Georgia) and one Polynesian woman (Miss Hawaii).


I should note that one of the black contestants, Miss District of Columbia (Deshauna Barber), is an Army officer and took every opportunity to point out how she is strong, black woman (just like Oprah). In what I’m sure is just a total coincidence (wink, wink), during the interview segment she was asked by one of the judges, Joe Zee, our faaaab-u-lous fashion designer how she felt about restrictions being lifted from the military pertaining to certain jobs that women could now be assigned to. She gave the cultural Marxist answer that women are “just as tough as men” and can do anything they want. Well, of course, because why let a little something like facts or biology stand in the way of your girl power dreams? You go, girl!


Hostess Julianne Hough even took a moment to point out how great it was that the pageant had three finalists who were so “diverse.” It was at this point I considered killing myself just to end the pain.

The final three did one last walk around the stage while the Backstreet Boys performed, which was exactly as gay as it sounds. Then the big moment arrived! And the winner was….Miss District of Columbia, the strong black woman in the army! Wooooo! Yay, diversity! Yay, dark pigmentation! Fuck you, whitey!

There’s no doubt that Miss District of Columbia is an impressive woman with a lot going for her and that should not be disregarded, but in today’s politically correct, or more accurately, anti-White society, is it any surprise at all, to anyone anywhere that she won? I knew as soon as three black women made it into the top ten that one of them was going to win.


I’d also be remiss if I did not point out the stark contrast of having last year’s winner, Olivia Jordan, a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty handing her crown over to a dark skinned black woman. Not exactly a subtle image from our overlords. It’s also worth pointing out that at last year’s pageant one of the questions for the final five was, “Which woman would you put on the twenty dollar bill?”

Miss Jordan responded that she would choose Harriet Tubman. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, it was announced on April 20th (sorry, Hitler) this year that Tubman would be put on the new twenty dollar bill. I know all of us will be thrilled to carry this great beauty around in our wallet, but I digress…

So, now that beauty pageants have become diverse, what’s next? The first trans-gender NASCAR driver? The first female president? Only time will tell. Meanwhile I am already preparing to buy some booze for next year’s pageant; something tells me I’ll need it.


4 thoughts on “Miss (Anti-White) USA

  1. It defies all logic that a negress can be judged to be more beautiful than a Nordic woman. Even negro men would prefer a Nordic woman over a negress so clearly these ‘beauty’ pageants have become nothing more than an exercise in political correctness. Politics is everywhere in contests like this. Consider for instance the Eurovision Song Contest. Anyone who has watched it a few times will be able to predict with little difficulty which countries will score the highest points because for the last 20 years it has been solely about politics and not music.

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  2. It’s the same heinous agenda they are pushing here. In any country where the Enemy of Humanity, the real enemy of Races and Nations, Peoples and Cultures has put its spell, we can witness the same script. Moral abuse, brainwashing machine going flat out, subliminal messages and linguistic manipulation. Now they are exposing themselves with no fear, no shyness. Their entire, filthy plan against nature is popping out in its momumental squalor.

    But until there’s the 95% of the Boobuses who’s voting and paying taxes, we won’t sort out of it.
    No Pavlov dogs allowed to build your destiny anymore.


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