Donar’s Oak


“Donar’s Oak”  A Folkish Poem by Karlotta Imrichova

Mighty Oak tree standing tall
Do not let our brothers fall
Higher than the other trees
Provide us shelter with your leaves

Mighty Oak tree standing strong
It’s for you we sing this song
Venerated since days of yore
By the devotees of Thor

In your groves the Folk did gather
To dwell upon the things that matter
Kith and kin, clan and tribe
To live with honor we do strive


But now we face an epic threat
None greater has been seen yet
We need your strength and wisdom now
Point the way, please show us how

How to be like great men of old
Who were not scattered from the fold
Strong and tall, they stood to fight
They did not surrender to the night

O’ Mighty Oak, we’ve come to ask
For the courage to win this task
Awaken the Folk who still do sleep
The Northern Wolf must save the sheep.

© Karlotta Imrichova 2016



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