How To Earn Respect From The Alt-Right as a Woman

7088364_tila-tequila-is-showing-off-her-butt-on_26937e09_m10) Be Asian. White women are inherently evil and flawed, so cut that shit out and get some trans Asian surgery stat! Thanks to jewish science and technological advancements we can now change boring, dull White women, into beautiful and classy Asian skanks. Thanks jews!

9) Get double D breast implants. This ensures that you look more like a trashy whore and also a tranny. Major points are scored for this combo look.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-18-at-8.55.40-PM8) Wear blue contacts to cover your brown chink eyes. Tell everyone it’s natural because you are an “Aryan Goddess of Light”

7) Talk about how your illegitimate child was fathered by “Nordic light beings” that abducted you and impregnated you. This will divert the attention from you not being able to keep a husband around. Since your child appears to be White, although you’re not entirely sure because you sleep with five different men every week, just say she’s White so you can then by default be White and embed yourself into any pro White movement like the parasite you are!

33672E4C00000578-0-image-a-8_14612489935566) Since you’re too stupid to know how to sew, purchase some slutty third reich costumes from your nearest sex toy shop and take pictures in them. This is how you catch the eye of lonely basement dwelling faggots who think an “edgy whore” is something to worship.

5) Cake on as much toxic makeup onto your face as possible. Make sure to use heavy eyeliner to accentuate your newly acquired chink eyes. At this stage you are also going to need to take a picture of yourself in a G string with the fourteen words underneath. But wait! There’s one more crucial step we haven’t gotten to yet. You MUST credit that 14 words to yourself and act as if you are the one who came up with this quote. I know what you’re thinking. “Won’t White men be really annoyed by that, since it is basically shitting on the great WN Messiah David Lane?” Well, contrary to popular belief this is actually the opposite. They will love it and state how they want to sprinkle rose petals at your feet since you are an “Aryan Goddess”. Just trust me on this one ladies. Don’t knock it until you try it!

2a4xugl4) Dye your hair blonde. It’s okay if you have dark roots! The “I’m not really blonde but am trying really hard to be” look is just what these guys are longing for. Get your honorary Aryan on, girl! Actually, let’s face it. The true Aryan women are Asian whores and not White women. All White women do is bitch and moan and ruin the world and stuff.

3) Use the word nigger every 5 tweets. This ensures that loser White men will think your’e really edgy and cool! Make sure to also say you love daddy Trump too and that he’s your “emperor”. These guys really love the pedophile talk.

2) Say you’re not doing porn anymore but post slutty pictures as well as “breastfeeding pictures” where your child isn’t even nursing but you want to show off your fake tits that are 10 times the size of your babies head. Extra points for nip slips!

1) And last but not least… you can talk about Flat Earth, but do not have to supply any evidence or speak coherently. NOTE: You can only do this step after all the previous steps have been completed.

Hopefully you ladies have learned something today. I know I certainly have.  I’ll leave you with this makeup tutorial for how to make yourself look Asian, when you’re a boring White girl. Get with the times ladies. White women are so last year!



14 thoughts on “How To Earn Respect From The Alt-Right as a Woman

  1. This was hilarious. And… true.

    *in gay Greg Johnson voice*
    Sinea-nea, you’re on fire girl!

    But what a fucking joke this (((Alt Right))) bullshit is! Watching it all go down in flames is a fucking laugh and a half.

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  2. OMG! I cannot believe (well I can) that she will be at the NPI conference, with fat horny hosting hahaha, you think he will slap her and tell her she is fat, his tried and tested technique? Or he will just kiss her ass like every other so called pro-white guy. I never ever thought I would give another penny to shit ice, but this comedy gold may be worth it.

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  3. Now let’s be clear and break it up fastly:

    ‘Right’ is a wrong term itself. It’s again linguistic manipulation.

    Fascism and National Socialism were not ..’right, alt right, far right’ at all.

    Right is opposed to ‘left’.. a construction of the modernistic jewish subculture to divide & rule over a few piss-addicts who fight themselves over irrational matters.

    ‘Right’ in political terms, indicates the reactionary side of the ‘political audience’.

    Then, if you accept you are a Rightist, then you accept the demokratic mantra of the Leftiests.

    Somebody would be surprised to discover that the counter-song to the decadence of modernism, has been triggered by Fascism.

    Which, btw, was much more ‘leftiest’ that ‘alt right’ individuals can guess.

    It was and is Socialism of the Nation. The anti materialistic socialism, the one of Proudhon.

    It’s the rule of wit and capacity over the dumb number. Of honour over filth. It’s the grave stone of the fake democracy and its arch fake anti-values: equality, human rights, feminism etc etc. They have been pulling your leg for more than a century. Yet you dont have enough of their tricks..?

    You will want to read the Milan Manifesto of 1919 to have an idea of it.
    Or you may want to translate the strong messages the School of Fascist Mystic has been producing for nearly two decades.

    Or again, you can purchase and translate the book: Order of the SS.

    You will find a lot about the hinge principles of the Doctrine. Which has little to do with blind zio supremacism and outdated buzzwords.

    Women and Men must have same rights in their natural diversity of roles.


    1. Indeed, the concepts of ‘left’ and ‘right’ belong to the historic politics of France and is of little relevance to today and countries outside of France. Indeed if we are to use this terminology then it is clear for instance that National Socialism is a ‘left wing’ movement. It never ceases to amuse me how ‘white nationalists’ obsess about this and in particular demonise all notions of a socialist state. Socialism of the Folk is a very different type of socialism than the marxist variety.


      1. Exactly. Most of these ‘rightwingers’ are actually representing the useful idiots of the system. Whether the pink modernist has to point out an “eeevil nazzi’ for public condemnation, they’re always eager to bootie-dance for the system . It is interesting to know that Fascism reached the highest peaks, when it comes to antimarxist, antimaterialist communism. The Social Republic of Italy the only legitimate, real republic that country has ever had, introduced the Socialization. Workers and capitalists had same power in the board of admins…this alone tells a lot.


  4. Typo: meant antimarxist & antimaterialistic socialism

    Ive posted the above correction 4 times..vainly..hope the wont appear all of a sudden altogether.


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