The Cultural Fruits of Zionist Labor

In light of the recent attacks carried out by the domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, white guilt is being perpetuated at an all time high. Baseless accusations, vacuous apologies and unfounded remorse are abound more than ever before. I came across an article written by an unemployed Caucasian “stay-at-home mommy” titled “Here come Concerned white people making black tragedy personal”. Everything addressed in the article, down to the deceiving title, speaks volumes to the dangerous, masochistic nature of the progressive American liberal, borne not of valor or reverence, but of the obligatory white humiliation and trepidation that has become a cornerstone in our modern Western societies. In her writing, she highlights not only her “white privilege”, but makes sure to point a finger at all Caucasians that aren’t standing up and publicly shaming their fellow white countrymen.
She touches on the subject of the lack of “cultural diversity” in her everyday life:

“No. Let’s say I did choose this segregation in effect, but only indirectly — obliviously — because when I chose my college, my jobs, my neighborhood, I wasn’t actually thinking at all about race. Because I have that luxury. Some call it privilege.”

The layers of justification, shame, obligation, and self-hatred are boundless, and this is only the third sentence in the article. There is no room for pride, personal or otherwise, when your self-worth has been this manipulated and circumvented. How weak of a people are we when we unknowingly allow ourselves to be employed by agents of cultural and societal denigration, to benefit a demographic that has nothing but contempt for us and the architects of our Western world? They are succeeding in the destruction of our people, because they no longer need to try to defame us publicly, we are doing it for them, in the most ignorant, pretentious way possible.
She goes on to discuss the paranoia she and other whites experience prior to speaking out about race-based issues which do not affect her. Not surprisingly, the concerns she pointed out are not inaccurate – ranging from the inability to identify, to the outright inaccurate disparaging of her own race :

“Because this isn’t about me.”
“Because I’m ignorant of the true, lived reality of black challenges and black pain.”

To downplay struggle in such a way is a result of the fallacious idea that everything is solely race-based and not class-based, reminiscent of Bernie Sanders’ sentiments regarding the inability of white people to experience the very real, intrinsic trials that are associated with poverty. These hardships exist for all who are affected by the tragedies imposed by the ever-expanding divide between the upper and lower classes.
She pretentiously goes on touting the measures she intends to take to identify and extricate herself from her privilege, yammering on about ways to transform, regurgitate and adopt the “suffering” of modern African-Americans, in the most vague, ignorant, backwards manner possible; ultimately rendering itself unworthy of quoting. The portion I was personally concerned about, and what inspired me to write this article, was her stance on the upbringing of her children.

“Beyond that, I want to change my outer world. Not just by standing “with” people of color online or at my family Thanksgiving dinner. But by actively choosing not to segregate myself and my family anymore:
By prioritizing diversity in my kids’ lives.
Even if that means choosing the standard, neighborhood preschool for my kids, despite my misgivings about standard education policies, and despite the (whiter) alternative, “cooperative learning” school a bit further down the street.
By examining the demographics of our future neighborhoods and their future schools, and avoiding disproportionately white-dominant settings.”

The amount of disregard for her child’s internal and external life experiences is shameful, and should be considered child abuse. African-Americans are incarcerated at six times the rate of whites for violent and non-violent crimes ( . Whether this is a result of poverty, or a merely of racial discrepancy, it is nonetheless accurate and empirically proven. By consciously lowering her standards, and choosing to compromise her child’s education strictly to keep up appearances, she is doing a massive disservice to them.  The safety, education, and overall well-being of your children, should you choose to have them, should be of utmost importance.  The architype of the mother, and the honor and valor associated with her duties, have no place in the modern society they are carving out for us.

Unsurprisingly, she opts to put her social aesthetic before the well-being of her children, due to this damaging mindset.

“By diversifying my kids’ books, dolls, and cartoons, so that not every face they see mirrors theirs. So that the maidens in their stories are “fair” not because they are always pale, but because they behave justly.
By reaching out to and welcoming in people of color whenever I can. Not as a self-improvement project, but because I’d like to know people who don’t already live in my bubble.”

She goes on to state that she will instill ethnic self-hatred in her children, despite our intrinsic tribalism, and indoctrinate them with the hostile and dysfunctional righteousness of the Social Justice Warrior, all for the sake of virtue-signaling. When benevolence is allocated expressly to a specific demographic with the sole reason being the color of their skin and the injustices they have experienced accordingly, the product is disingenuous, stripping the meaning from the actions themselves. She contradicts herself, multiple times, by stressing and not stressing the importance of the recognition of skin color. By doing this, we are taking graceful humanitarianism out of our communities, and replacing it with severe origin-based appropriation, thusly robbing any action of its sincerity.
If you found yourself wondering how she plans to go about realizing the glory of her grandiose SJW martyrdom, she is more than anxious to pompously explain it for you:

Doing all of this requires ongoing vigilance and, sometimes, a suspension of comfort. And those are genuinely hard things for me to initiate and sustain. Because I’m not used to that. And I speak for my own white self when I say that when I have to do something hard, I sincerely crave acknowledgment, acceptance, validation — even, yes, praise and gratitude. At least feedback.
I’m so used to all of that.
And here, I’m owed none of that.”

This response, steeped in the rhetoric of the white suburban stereotype, is a vile parody of true acceptance. This is the harvest we are reaping from the latent incubation of Cultural Marxism is our Western world. Self-deprecating, shameful, ignorant masses, eclipsed by their own aesthetic, unaware of the societal collapse that’s being orchestrated around them. Hard work, individual diversity and creativity, personal achievements and the like are robbed of their value when we lose the ability to discern between what’s good and what’s bad. She demonizes and racially pigeon-holes the optimistic expectation of praise after completing a difficult task. I can’t begin to imagine the tasks this woman would classify as “challenging”, but criticizing the acknowledgment and reward of an individual for successfully undergoing an actual hardship is a passive-aggressive progeny of the clandestine Communistic proliferation that has been alive and well the Western world for quite some time.
She concludes with this:

“I’m owed, to quote Malcolm X, precisely nothing for all my good intentions, and self-appraised good deeds, and discomfort, and pretty words. Because for once in my life, “making it personal” is not about seeking personal satisfaction. It’s not about gaining something. It’s not even about giving something. It’s about listening, and really responding.
…for a change.”

Ostentatiously quoting Malcolm X, she has now covered all bases in her writing, assuring that no one could possibly accuse her of cultural insensitivity. As long as black lives matter more than white lives (or all lives, for that matter), the priority of her child’s needs fall somewhere significantly far beneath the “struggles” of American “minorities”. Kowtowing to the mobs of belligerent, violently ignorant advocates that are calling for the murder and removal of her white American and European brothers and sisters, she and others like her are unknowingly furthering the insidious agendas of the globalists that have long-awaited these sociological results.

This is defeat, repackaged. As long as this warped, masochistic mindset is promoted within our society, we have no future within it.


7 thoughts on “The Cultural Fruits of Zionist Labor

  1. Oh my god…all I can do is shake my head at white people like this. She strikes me as one of those white people who’s so far gone in SJW retard land that if a pack of blacks raped her daughters, she would make excuses for them. People like this should kill themselves. Seriously.

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    1. It’s shameful, and discouraging to an extent. She’s abdicated the role of care-giver solely for appearances. I refuse to believe anyone can hold these ideals genuinely.

      Liked by 1 person

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