NPI Conference: Becoming Who We Never Were

(Disclaimer: Ms. “Blakely” is publishing under a nom-de-plume due to real life harassment.) The National Policy Institute is a nationalist think-tank claiming to fight for the autonomy of European people. Their upcoming conference, “Become Who We Are:  The Identity and Spirit of Our People,” includes none other than Jack Donovan, self-proclaimed expert on masculinity. I cringed at this announcement because we are in trouble if he represents the “Identity and Spirit of Our People.” I cannot imagine an individual less equipped to advise anyone on gender roles, let alone traditionalists or nationalists.

3Despite not even being a White Nationalist, Donovan remains a fixture at these events, re-hashing and
repeating his bullet points about “manhood requirements.” As a former go-go dancer, I think many of his followers assume he possesses some immaculate objectivity when it comes to masculinity, not the abject fetish the rest of us do. Read this interview and you’ll wonder why the author of Androphilia doesn’t entitle his speech “From Corsets to Crom; One Man’s Journey.” Jack advocates gender interactions amounting to post-apocalyptic primitivism. If your purpose is to turn well adjusted, productive, and life-toward people away from nationalism then there is no better way than to have him speak at your event. Inviting this one-trick pony and former Satanist year after year is a grave mistake and one we cannot afford. Our goal should be to attract exemplary folk to our cause and advise them in their efforts. If ever a portion of his work was of value, it has long passed the point of diminishing returns; he is officially a huge liability. He is dangerous.

2Donovan’s desire to emulate societies that he feels represent the proper balance between man and state, such as Brazil, Mexico, Islam, or even prison, are a far cry from the high trust societies Whites enjoyed and wish to preserve. His primitivism is antithetical to the discernment, prudence, and discretion that make us “Who We Are.” Ostensibly, his presence in the Alt-Right movement is based on assailing the feminist memetic and impugning a modern mindset that caters to their sensibilities. More often than not though, he sees fit to capitalize on the already pronounced rift that modern society has torn open between the sexes. He simply sits back and enjoys the fallout, reveling in self-promotion and profit amidst the turmoil.  It would be much more beneficial to learn about these topics from men who have a stake in healing the rift, not some pervert projecting his sexual fantasies as the ideal conception of masculinity. We need men with the best interests of the whole family unit at heart and not unapologetic narcissists aggrandizing themselves by maligning women at every turn. This “sour grapes” attitude is indicative of envy and of someone who is out to destroy what they cannot have, much like militant Jewish left-wing feminists (Jack Donodworkin?) or the homosexual salivating over his most priced delusion: making it with a straight man. He paints a bleak picture, defeatist as an Obama speech, urging his disillusioned audience to not even try because the game is rigged, goyim! Where is the victory? What is the solution? His message preys upon the most broken and low-functioning men and alienates high-functioning women, discouraging them from taking part in any event with which he is involved.

As an outspoken homosexual who brags about “fucking men like they are women”, Donovan is not up to
the task of advising heterosexual men or heterosexual women on their proper roles in a traditional society. He certainly does not have the understanding of the nuances involved and sensitivity needed in returning to a true patriarchy, where respect and privileges are earned. He could never comprehend the grave responsibilities and duties of heterosexual men within said traditional society nor could he ever hope to fathom those of women. Not only are modern women offered no incentive to join a movement that accepts and promotes such degeneracy, it offensively insists we submit to it. Women have nothing to fear and everything to gain from harsh criticism administered at the hands of worthy men. A worthy man, Jack Donovan is not, and you ask too much in keeping his company and allowing him to speak at any event, ever. Further, he is a hypocrite since homosexuals like him are openly and legally murdered in the societies he uses as shining examples of male and female interactions.

From rape to gamergate, he writes about subjects related to women and feminism without any experience or expertise, completely devoid of insight. For someone who would have you believe a woman’s purpose can be reduced to reproduction alone, he sure spends an inordinate amount of time pondering every facet of our existence. His social media and online presence is dedicated to chronicling the shenanigans and follies of modern female behavior. I am left wondering why is he so preoccupied; what are his ulterior motives? In White Nationalism, has he found an environment to “pull prime ass from dudes with daddy issues for the next 10 years?” Does he criticize women so much merely to engage his next target or victim in disillusioned males? Or is he just hell bent on rationalizing and vindicating his sexuality, using his work as a platform to gain acceptance from heterosexual men, while throwing modern female behavior and other low hanging fruit under the bus as needed? He should stick to writing about which fonts are manlier than others.

fagRewilding, tribalism, and physical fitness are all very pertinent topics he has written on and he has had some worthwhile things to say on all three. Incendiary indictment and exclusion of women is unnecessary. Flamboyant ultra-LARPey, hyper-“masculine,” and leather-queer puffery are NOT what will attract intellectuals, captains of industry, or other high functioning individuals. If his purpose were to work with feminists in tandem to scare women away from traditional gender roles and nationalist men, he could not be doing a better job. For it’s the same chaos and despair lesbian separatists are hoping for right now as they are practicing spitting blow darts from trees to keep men out of their utopia. For a society to thrive, the complementary set of gifts, talents, and attributes of each gender will be needed and should be promoted. Unless you share his dream and wish for a world essentially reduced to Fight Club in a Mad Max hinterland where his beloved muse Gucci Mane is emperor and you can “fuck men like they are women” like a “real masculine” man, I do not see the need to ever suffer his advice or counsel, nor do I think that other National Synergists should suffer such. As a matter of fact, I strongly urge them not to.

At this critical point it is incumbent upon Richard Spencer, NPI’s President, to feature visionaries. Guillaume Faye is another questionable choice scheduled to speak at the event. His criticism of holocaust skeptics as promoters of Islam perpetuates an already problematic false dichotomy. His pro-Zionist platform and transhumanism (a concept aimed at freeing humans from their biological constraints) themed works are as contradictory to our cause as they sound. This combination of spiritual gangrene mixed with obvious subterfuge is not worth the time or expense of attendance. In order for us to “Become Who We Are” we need to see and hear from people who serve as examples of what we wish to become.


At every opportunity the White Nationalist gay ghetto and those who comprise it must be identified, hounded, and flushed out; the raving faggots the likes of Donovan must be separated from reasonable homosexuals. Every demographic in this twisted and deracinated world now has its relative share of “Niggers.” The likes of Jack Donovan, James O’Meara, and Greg Johnson have no role to play in a nationalist movement that is intent on restructuring some degree of sanity, healing, and balance between the sexes. Dickie Spencer and the National Policy Institute are more than welcome to their company and to the signal being sent; the Bust in Budapest simply revolves like a broken record. We have no wish to stand in the way of Amerikan White Nationalism openly displaying its reactionary and irrelevant degeneracy.

Is this the future you choose?

Is this the future you choose?


5 thoughts on “NPI Conference: Becoming Who We Never Were

  1. Bravo! Well said. And isn’t the Church of Satan a CIA front? And wasn’t Fairy Donovan the, like, Grand Wizard or whatever the fuck it is of this faggot organisation? Very suspicious indeed – and obviously retarded.


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