Alt Right Pozfest {Cringe Compilation}


6 thoughts on “Alt Right Pozfest {Cringe Compilation}

  1. The video wasn’t working here so I watched it on YouTube, but it totally gets the schizophrenia that is the alt-right. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a political faction of any kind – it’s just hipsters with jargon instead of hats that likes to be bitchy. High-energy, low-energy, cucks, SJWs, triggered…the list goes on and on, and none of it is applied with any semblance of discipline or direction. They want attention, so they shitpost memes all day long (the number with wrist braces tells you something), and succeed by getting in on the circle jerk with the highest Klout.

    However, I think a lot of people are getting pulled into our world by the maelstrom, and rather than attack them, I would suggest working beside them (note, not *with* them) so that those who are brought in see a consistent message from one of “them”. No system in such chaos can long stand – it’s exhausting – but as long as our message is true and faithful, to both the folk and our gods, it will be heard, for it is the only compelling and consistent narrative anywhere on the political spectrum.


  2. Too good. What a messy shitshow the Alt Kike is. It’s like Liberalism meets a yearning to treat white women like any Semite (Jew or Arab) would. It’ll never amount to anything, and it was put in place to fragment and pussify white nationalism, to take young men who had these inclinations and make them a part of this globulous shitpile. Red Ice really cucking hard in 2016! Cringey as fuck.


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