“I Know A Good One!”

At some point in your life you have heard a white person make this ridiculous statement about a black person or perhaps even spouted it yourself before becoming race conscious. Or you have heard other whites say something like, “But they’re not all like that!” Or, “We are only one race, the human race.”To steal a line from the late great Dr. William Pierce, foolish whites always espouse this and then look at you triumphantly as if they have just said something really profound, as if we are supposed to fall to our knees in amazement at the deep, meaningful garbage that just fell out of their mouth. You could train a lion or a tiger not to rip your face off. Does that mean all lions and tigers won’t rip your face off? Yes, there are “good ones” in every group. There are Jews who protest against the horrific treatment of Palestinians by Israel. There are blacks who don’t rob, rape and murder. A man that saved one of the Rotherham victims from grooming gangs in Britain was a Muslim.
However, the real problem with these co-exist hippies is that they have never had the more important thought, the one that should immediately come after, “I know a good one,” and that thought is, SO WHAT?

The next time one of your unenlightened white family members or friends claims they “know a good one,” ask them if that “good one” makes the atrocities white people have had to suffer for decades worth it?

Ask them if it is worth the 40,000 plus white women raped every year in America by black males.

Ask them if it is worth it for white children to get a poor education because things have to be dumbed down in a fruitless attempt so black students can keep up.

Ask them how they feel about the fact that despite their white son making a perfect score on his SAT and having a high GPA, they will still have to pay through the nose for their son’s college as opposed to Tyrone and Shaniqua who can get scholarships and degrees handed to them just for being black.

Ask them if it is worth it to share a country with a demographic, which despite only making up 13% of the population, commits well over 50% of homicides nationwide.

Ask them if it is worth it to have lost once great cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, and so on to the dindu tribe.

Ask them if it is worth it to have our St. Patrick’s Day festivals and county fairs ruined by hordes of blacks chimping out.

Ask them if it has been worth the TRILLIONS of tax dollars (mostly paid by hardworking whites) given to blacks in the last five decades in the form of welfare, afterschool programs, and other charities in the feeble attempt to uplift them to the level of average whites.

Another harsh reality these deracinated whites don’t want to face is that a lot of those “good ones” secretly hate their guts or at least hold them partially responsible for black people’s plight. I have seen even the intelligent ones talk about white supremacy or claim that their people simply haven’t been helped enough. Yes, even the ones on the higher end of the bell curve think that blacks are poor, downtrodden souls who are where they are because they simply have not gotten enough gibsmedat’s from whitey. Remember, they too have been fed a steady diet of blame whitey and “We wuz kangs!” for the last fifty years. Even without Jew influence they would hate us. It is unnatural to have two completely different races living side by side. History shows us there is always going to be animosity and hostility between two races eventually, the Jews have simply made it exponentially worse by heavily promoting anti-white rap music, civil rights, and Afro-centric classes at their indoctrination centers-I mean universities’, for decades.

It’s also worth noting that had the Jews not brought blacks over here four hundred years ago, they wouldn’t be here right now. They would be dancing around a campfire banging drums or some shit. African tribes have never even invented the wheel, even after being exposed to it by whites. They never would have figured out on their own how to navigate the seas to get here. They certainly wouldn’t have figured out how to build and fly airplanes. They would never have gotten here by natural means and if most white people were really honest, deep down, they don’t really want to be around blacks. This is why they move out of neighborhoods as soon as blacks move in. They’ve simply been brainwashed by the Jews into denying it for fear of being called ‘racist’, that lone word that has acted as a mental sheepdog for whites for decades.

This is why the “I know a good one” line is always a tell-tale sign of Jewish brainwashing. These people have not stopped to consider that even the courteous black man who is well spoken and not physically harming anyone is actually still a threat to white society because black men will always want white women over black women. Just by procreating with a white woman, he has already harmed the white race, forever polluting her lineage with African genes ensuring that her bloodline is never white again.

White people deserve a country of our own where we can teach our children their true history, where they won’t have to be condemned to sharing their space with blacks who despise them. We have a right to preserve our race and traditions. We have a right to want beautiful white grandchildren instead of mixed race mongrels. Losing our heritage and handing over our countries to nonwhites just because there are some good ones is utter lunacy. The next time you come across a white person who claims they know a “good one” be sure to point out to them that this girl probably thought she did too:

Emma and Husband



18 thoughts on ““I Know A Good One!”

  1. Unfortunately, we have been abandoned by government, police and media to float adrift, leaderless, in a sea of banality. It is now up to ethnic-Europeans to seize back the initiative, overthrow the traitors, create a new world order. Together, we are 1 billion strong. We can do it.

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  2. Should have known you were thick white Americans…..white men beat women too….it’s the type of man not his creed or colour….get a grip – it’s 2016 not 1916…..we are all humans just some – like you – are worse examples than others


    1. How come a White woman is raped by a black man every 15 minutes in the USA according to FBI statistics but black women were raped by zero White men? It’s the current year and you are still an anti White? Lame.

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    2. You have missed the entire point of the article. We are sick and tired of being attacked by non-whites everyday. Over 85% of interracial crime is instigated by BLACKS against whites. If you want to be a sitting duck and get raped or killed in your multi-cultural paradise, go ahead, but some of us would like ourselves and/or our children to grow up in a nice safe society where they won’t be told that it is THEIR fault for everyone else’s problems.

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  3. ‘White’ women do not mate with negroes because they consider that they are ‘good’, the exception to the rule. On the contrary she is seeking a bad one, one who will physically dominate her, something that the ‘white’ male has forgotten how to do. This all comes down to the need for Aryan man to grow testacles. Once again marriage (ie mating) will be carried out as the result of the father choosing a suitable mate of the right race and caste or marriage by capture which is also an ancient Aryan tradition.
    Women desire to be dominated and this is why the establishment have spent the last 50 years emasculating Aryan men and granting ‘equal rights’ to women something which is just as despicable as the granting of ‘equal rights’ to non-Aryans. Thus the only masculine males that are left are the unreconstructed negroes.


    1. Yes, women do want strong men to lead us and run the household. Some white girls do go for the dangerous thug types but some also go for the “good ones,” you know, the black guys who can appear more clean cut and less ghetto, just to prove to the world how “not racist” they are. I saw an article with a white woman in Maine who just could not wait to brag to the media about her magic negro husband and how he’s not a drug dealer just b/c he’s black. If white women like her find one who can speak decent English and put on a polo shirt, they have to show him off like a trophy. Ugh….


  4. This is why it is so important that fathers do not neglect the raising of their daughters with Aryan values, having chosen a suitable mate to become the child’s mother before even the chold is conceived. By giving his daughter a range of suitable mates to choose from and having already introduced these candidates during childhood so that they are not strangers the father ensures that his bloodline does not become contaminated through race mixing. A woman who has polluted her womb must be made an utlaw and be segregated from Aryan society. Race-mixing is the ultimate crime against both one’s ancestors and even more so against one’s descendants. People need to undersand that we are the custodians and not the owners of our genes.

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  5. Good point Wotan.

    There is only one issue, that can’t be forgotten:

    who tells you that the patiently educated daughter will follow the principles and advices of the family?

    I can report many a case of fathers who are awake and committed. Yet the 18 y.o. girl call tem ..’fascist and racist’.

    The level of brainwashing the system carries along is huge, nowadays.


    1. If those fathers are awake and committed as u said and their daughters turned out libtards, sorry again but its still their fault. They may be awake now but they werent awake when their daughters were children so now they reap what they sowed.


      1. Yes. Bur parents are not omni potent.
        Todays braiwashing goes thru media, social nets, school and emulation


  6. First let’s point out the following:

    -racismTM is a linguistic manipulation by the system.

    Racism actually means: love for the won race. Not hate for the others.

    As for many other PC neologisms, the term is completely turned upside down.

    Hence I mean not the fathers are ‘haters’. Simply, they carry a stance which is not accepted by the same zio-system whitewashing the daughter.
    Parents are alone in the fight against the current monstruosity.

    The same one trying harder to steal and mentally rape their children.


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