Gender Blind Parenting

So we are now on the verge of becoming a gender neutral society, where all limits are off and anybody can be anything. Only you can’t, because you need a womb to physically give birth to a child. Maybe you could just decide to be something else that’s being offered; there is so much to chose from. You can just hope there is a family out there who will have their child taken away and then given to you, in your new body of altered gender. Awesome, it’s all sorted then. Freedom here we come.

Gender questionaireThis form to the side, highlighting question 13, was given to pupils aged 13-18 in a British school, surveying what children think and feel about their gender roles.

This school has also sent out a letter alongside the children who are enrolling in the new school year September placements, that when they tick the male or female box that;

“We recognise that not all children and young people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or may identify as a gender other than male or female, however the current systems (set nationally) only record gender as male or female.” (The Telegraph, 20th April, 2016).

These children are between the ages of four and five. Now I am pretty sure if you asked a child of this age what they identify most with, a boy or a girl, they will probably say a transformer or a fairy, like a woodland fairy, not as in a gay terminology for fairy, as luckily they are yet to receive their sex education at the ages of 5-8, and may so far be unaware that fairy is a politically incorrect term for a homosexual man.

I would also like to just add, when I was attending school, I cannot recall it ever saying gender on a form. The box said sex, and as a teenager it was lots of fun to write, yes please. I am sure teachers must have read it often. So did this change happen to create yet more discussions around gender?

According to the school and council, they had been requested by parents to address this issue. This I found unbelievable. But are these parents reading or being taught of this new hip gender-blind parenting style?

Today we are faced with the lunacy of non-gender parenting, also called gender neutral parenting, where some parents dress their child in a way that their gender can be unknown. They even have gone to the extreme of not telling other people whether their child is a boy or a girl, so as not to confuse the child, if the child is maybe, perhaps, could be, or has the potential to be confused later on. Oh, I think the confusion has been ensured. Because the thing is, gender is a social construct, it is oppressive and harmful, it is limiting and expectant, say the psychoanalyst child psychologists.

“these advisers say parents should not only permit but encourage children to move beyond gender stereotypes for their own good and/or the good of the society” (Contemporary readings in sociology, Korgen, 2007)

This saying “move beyond” normally means getting past something massive and hindering that is in the way. So is our sex, in our way, hindering us? Apparently yes, like everything I look into, feminism just crops up, and feminism in this case, argued and highlighted the need to redirect parenting into showing our children that they should have choices, lots of them, that they should not be happy to grow up as girls or boys, who naturally want to nurse babies or wield swords. Taking away the little boys cars, soldiers, bikes and tools and giving them a pink frilly dress, a pram, a baby doll, and no boys stuff at all. This though, is not neutral; it is the opposite of neutral, it is enforcing the opposite gender, and why would they be doing such a thing?

“Perhaps, then it is not about nature (our biology) at all but about how we are raised in society, called nurture. Is this the all important deciding factor in placing a person in the girl or boy box?” (Gender Neatral Parenting, Lucas-Stannard) and then goes on to say, “gender identity can range from girl to boy to those that feel they have no gender or many genders. I like to call this the gender identity garden for it’s beautiful array of unique varieties”.

She makes it all sound so pretty. I am not saying that some boys cannot play with girls stuff, as my children fight over each other’s toys all of the time. My problem is the silliness of trying to direct an outcome; being so open to the fact that your child is not going to be normal, is sickening. This is the truth of what this is, being open to abnormality, thinking it is cool to have such abnormality. Are they really saying they are happy their child will not give them grandchildren, that they will also have a massive risk of mental health problems, that as much as they try to feel included, they will not be, because it is not normal to want to be another sex; it is rare, far rarer than we are being taught it is. For the children who are growing up lost, undirected, unenthused and alone in this sick society, they are being given another box to jump into for salvation, another label they may hope to find themselves in, because we are all trying to find something, and the elite Jew is giving out options left, right and center for where we can try to find ourselves.

I sat with my two children last month or so and we were watching how babies progress and develop in the womb and for the first year. It was totally undirected, as we were just browsing together and chatting, and we naturally came across the subject. My son when realizing that he could not grow babies in his belly cried. He is quite a sensitive young fellow, and from my experience working with young children, I have found most boys are, and girls are the opposite, until they get older, and then it reverses. I am saying this generally and not as a rule, but an observation; if others note this observation, will all boys be deemed a target for showing early symptoms of gender confusion? Anyway, I explained to my crying son that he was the male viking warrior and that he held the seeds, and he would find an honorable girl to give them too, and she would grow the seeds in her belly, that this baby would be his, and then when his baby is born we could take the baby to the park together and play with his baby, because he would be a wonderful daddy. Now, this conversation, from what insanity I can gather, is me controlling my son’s gender outcome and not allowing him to choose for himself. Apparently my views are ‘neurosexist’. I would have believed you could not make this shit up, but somebody has.

Thankfully after a trip to the town, my son was running around with an army helmet and a sword and my daughter with a wrapped up baby in her arms. I did not choose these toys for them; I allowed them to pick whatever they wanted. And on returning home my daughter attacked us all with a sword and my son put the baby to sleep in the pram, but I was proud watching people goo over my beautiful children as they happily walked around portraying their natural sex, their healthy gender roles and picking toys to mimic the roles that women and men typically embody, and hearing people comment on my ‘handsome little soldier’ and ‘pretty little mum’.

So, this is where we are, enforcing their true gender is wrong, enforcing the opposite gender is right and if we do encourage their sexual identity in a ‘gender blind’ world, we are taking away the options of our children. How much more of our own nature can we reject before we all wake up I wonder.

“We strive to be color-blind and gender-blind, while remaining culturally sensitive and in touch with common sense” (Maximum Strength Parenting, Vaughn, 2007).

Cool, I was worried for a minute. I thought this was non logical and insensitive to my culture, silly me. Here is an idea, instead of preparing for our children to be transgender, bi gender, gender fluid, genderqueer or all genders, we could just spend a load of time with them, playing, chatting, understanding them, and we will soon find out if they want a doll, a sword, a dress, or a toy gun, and whilst doing so, instead of naming them ‘they’ and cross dressing them for the first few years of their lives, build a foundation of trust with them, in which when they are older, if there was anything weird going on, they could openly tell us, and somehow we will deal with it all together. But to be so willing for a child to have problems can only lead me to the assumption that the elite Jew has given us all such a thirst for attention that we are degraded to this, to wanting a child that is gender confused. As I see it, to be so prepared is to be willing. This is not a parenting win, this is a fail.



4 thoughts on “Gender Blind Parenting

  1. This is wildly off base and ridiculous. Gender neutral parenting doesn’t mean that one is enforcing another gender. It means that we don’t enforce any gender stereotypes or roles. Just because my son is a boy he can’t play with toys that are pink? I don’t take away his cars and trucks etc. I allow him to choose what he wants to play with and teach him that objects don’t have a gender. There is no such things as girl toys and boy toys. They are just toys.

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    1. There’s a difference between letting children play w any toys they want and then telling them that they can be any gender they want and encouraging that.

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  2. A very interesting article, demonstrating the lunacy of modern society. Further evidence (should we need it) of the inversion of values which is endemic in the Kali Yuga. Wotans Krieger, author of Aryan Myth & Metahistory blog.

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