The Semitic Mind Virus On Display

Here are some thoughts that I wrote down after watching one of Millennial Woes’ videos blaming women for the invasion. I would post the video but it looks like he pulled it. I was going to post this on FB just after he made it but I forgot to. I remembered I wrote it after seeing Sinead and him tweeting and him saying what’s posted in the pic below.


You know, when I need advice on men I always go to lesbian women. It is only logical that they would know and understand the most about men. *Cough* 😀

maxresdefault (1)
Meet Millennial Homo Woes!

These guys can’t even get their narrative straight. First they say women are hypergamous whist saying White women want to screw poor marginalized migrants and blacks. Now Millennial Homo Woes is saying the problem with Western women is that we don’t want to be mothers, whilst saying women want to mother non-White adult male invaders. And most often, as in MW’s video, there are no studies or polls cited.

Promise Keepers is an organization for men which holds some of the largest male gatherings in America, Canada and New Zealand. A common saying by PK speakers is “Your wife is not your momma!” They teach men all the traditional biblical Christianity man stuff. Christians have slightly better than average marriage rates, so maybe they’re on to something by telling men not to act like children?

Now, if MW can use anecdotal evidence – so can I. I know many women who have broken-up with guys because they did not want to mother an adult male. Who wants to put up with a man child?! I even joke that if we legalized incest some guys would never leave home, since clearly all they want is a mother with sexual benefits. So, where are all these women who want to mother non-White adult men?

Unlike many conservative Christians, most feminists and leftists talk a big game but they don’t actually live it! The most diverse families in the U.S. are White Christian conservative families. Single women, feminists and liberals are NOT really going to “mother” these “refugees”. The stats do not support it happening. Heck, they most likely won’t even live around them! The people who are mostly likely going to be mothering the non-White invaders are not really the government and single women, but rather the largest White male government (AKA the Catholic Church) and other Christian charities (the Federal government subcontracts charitable work out to them. See: Ann Corben’s Refugee Resettlement). The most charitable demographic is married Christian couples and most charitable work is done by Christians not single women, feminists and leftists.

The manofreaks say women opened Western borders but that’s simply not true. Our borders were open after White men fell for war propaganda and killed 80 to 100 million Europeans in two unnecessary wars — hardly any women were in government back then. But are we constantly bringing it up and blaming White men for our current position? No! We here at Heathen Women love our men and fight alongside them against our common enemy who has divided the men and women or our race.  The jew.  And I believe when American women first got the right to vote they voted for the president who campaigned on an anti-war platform.

Now, have some White women fallen for propaganda? Yes. But how is that anymore egregious than some of the White men who fallen for propaganda?

It was mostly conservative White men who supported Tony Blair and George W. Bush’s wars in the Middle East. Those wars destabilized the Middle East, which lead to the invasion of Europe and the West – but according to these guys – White women are solely to blame for the “refugee” invasion of the West today and they say we are a major threat to the future of the West.

Back in 2002 and 2003 it was the feminists and liberals who were against the invasion of the Middle East. As wrong as they are at times at least they are consistent here. They didn’t want the invasion but now they do want to help the people who were affected. And we all know many Middle Easterners and North Africans have been displaced and genocided. We just disagree on how to best help them.

Whites are motivated by the belief that they are doing the morally right thing. Whites thought they were doing the right thing invading and “liberating” the Middle East, Whites think they are doing the morally right thing in helping the refugees.

I don’t see how we as women are more responsible and more to blame for the mess the West is in. I don’t see how we as women are more of a threat to the future of the Europe when both sexes have fallen for the propaganda. Both sexes have their share of the blame.

Final thought – White women didn’t write the Kalergi Plan, and White women didn’t write the anti-racist terminology that dominates Western societies.

Gay factoid from a British friend: Brighton (the UK’s gay capital) voted – 69% to remain. (statistic not a coincidence). Super high turnout as well. It was a dot of yellow (remain) in a sea of blue (leave). So the faggots voted to stay in.

I will leave you with some screen shots of these types of “men” so can you get an idea of how to pinpoint the Semitic virus and eventually eradicate it from your lives.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.47.58 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.41.32 PMUntitled


This walking and talking human AIDS also known as “Ali” is an Arab misogynist who is the “token Arab” friend of several White Nationalist “men”. These men let this piece of filth around their daughters!


“No” means “rape me”?  This is your brain on jewish woman hatred.


And people seriously wonder why more women don’t throw themselves at these guys?  Wow!  It’s time to detox our movement of these walking talking Semitic viruses.


7 thoughts on “The Semitic Mind Virus On Display

  1. That ugly-as-fuck Ali mongrel also is on record saying Islam is good for Europe and that it is not “incompatible” with Europeans. He seriously looks mentally ill. Something is wrong with its eyes. Any “white nationalist” who associates with this low IQ invader needs to be slapped.

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  2. As for Millennial Woes, while I agree with the author of this post that he’s retarded for blaming white women for what our predator has done to us, I don’t think he’s a bad guy… I just think he’s cucked somewhat in what he feels he can and cannot say, and he’s been taken in by this “allure” of the (((NPI))) crew (no idea what this allure is – I don’t see it). That being said I don’t listen to his shows because he waffles on for way too long about some boring shit sometimes. As Sinead once said he is my favourite homo though – I don’t think he’s all bad. I wish he would have an hour’s friendly debate with you.

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  3. MW is from the UK. Women in the UK are like Canadian and Yankee women. Very different from Southern, German and South African women for example. Obviously if your experiences are with retarded liberal women then you will hate women.


    1. I am technically a “Yankee” woman. I have lived up North and in the South and can tell you that the jewish mind virus permeates both Northern women and Southern women. Most of my experiences with males my age have been awful but am I blaming White men for White genocide? No.


  4. There’s never an excuse – or a real reason – to hate white women in general. If you’re infected by that mind virus then you better quickly see reality and reprogram yourself OR you can remove yourself from our lands and relocate to an African or Arab nation where such filthy and anti-European thought disorders are most welcome.

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  5. Anyone that spews hatred towards our race is not a pro-white. If it weren’t for the christ insanity, I would think they were paid shills.

    Anyone spewing BS rhetoric against the opposite sex in our race should be treated as an enemy combatant. After all, we are at war.


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