The Horseshoe Effect In Action

These are very strange times we are living in.  Times when one must actually do legitimate research to determine if someone is biologically a man or a woman.  I’ve been keeping tabs on the “Men’s Rights Movement” for some time now and have determined that it is nothing more than the “Right’s” own schizophrenic version of 3rd wave feminism.  Just like 3rd wave feminism it is led by majority jews and non White men.  People (and I use this term loosely) like Roosh and Heartiste are actually giving our White men advice on women.  Yea, that’s right.  A jew and an Arab are teaching young, most of the time traumatized and damaged young men about how to treat women.  We’re in trouble here.  But it gets even creepier.  Last night I was browsing jew-tube and clicked on a video entitled “Men’s Rights & Makeup” where the new up and coming Men’s Right’s Activist starlet and most likely jewess, Lauren Southern was getting her makeup done by what seemed to be a very masculine looking woman.


Upon more investigation I found it’s channel and it turns out that it is a man “transitioning” to a female.  Notice how I don’t use the word woman, because no matter how many surgeries they get, how big their fake boobs are, or how good their vaginoplasty surgery is they will never, I repeat NEVER be a woman.  They don’t think like a woman and they don’t have to experience things like feeling awkward in puberty while sprouting breasts and hips, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause. They are nothing but a sick joke.  Not only is this thing making a mockery of the female sex with it’s desperate attempts to be like us, it is also leading the Men’s Right’s Movement!  This is the horse shoe effect in action and it’s creeping me out.  This article discusses the tranny train wreck mentioned above. These are your “Men’s Right’s Movement”  ambassadors.  Tranny’s, jews, emotionally traumatized women like Karen Straughn and desperate for attention “special snowflakes” like Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast and Lana Lokteff.  Enjoy the decline goys!


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