Investigating The Term “Non-White”

This evening, while writing, I stumbled upon something that has stoked the fires of my fervor and dissent more than any other tools of literacy ever have.  I dared to inquire as to how MacMillan Dictionary defined the term “non-white”, and was returned with descriptions ranging from “adjective” to “offensive”.  Alright.  I’ll give you that, whatever. The current day and age leaves much to be desired.  On the opposite spectrum, upon looking up the term “non-black”, I was met with a lack of definition.  Literally.  The term “non-white” actually bears a definition, but the lack thereof of “non-black” hails such a statement.  MacMillan offers the option to those who inquire about undefinable words, as most online dictionaries do, of a “Did You Mean?’ section.  In this particular section, in the total lack of definition of the term “non-black”, we are greeted by a slew of uneducated guesses at to what they think you were actually getting at. 

They range in suggestions from “coal-black”, “jet-black”, and “non-binary”, to “Polack”.  Seeing Polack on the list, and being fully aware of the connotation attached to it, i clicked.  MacMillan has incited curiosity.  Polack is not categorized as an offensive term.  Polack is categorized as a countable American noun, with the definition reading as such :

an insulting word for someone from Poland. The usual word is Pole.

Followed by a list of offensive words for people according to nationality or ethnicity: black, Canuck, colored.  This word is defined as such, as a racial slur, but the actual term “non-black” has no definition, albeit their obvious awareness of connotation; not even an inkling of possibility according to MacMillan.

While the current state of things has a massively discouraging effect, we need to stand strong and resolute.  There are many outlets touting the lack of action as the largest problem, but the lack of knowledge is the biggest hurdle to overcome.  We’ve been waging an information based war for years, but as the front lines change, we must be adaptable.  When our sources of true understanding and knowledge are defiled by political correctness, there is no going back on peaceful means.  Diplomacy only goes so far.  Become informed, brethren.  Let’s help ourselves help each
other.  Stay strong, unapologetic, and knowledgable.


2 thoughts on “Investigating The Term “Non-White”

  1. Very interesting and telling. I had never even thought to look up these terms and am glad that you did. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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  2. What is your definition of a White race person specifically? How many years of a persons( North of the Alps) ancestry would a person have to have to be classified as White race ? I think 500+ years , no less or they would be mixed race & just appear White in color but not really of the White race . I think there are ALOT of people out there that think they are of the White race but are really mixed and not White race people For example , Lets say your ancestors moved from south of the Alps regions in the 1800’s to North of the Alps regions . IMO they would still be Mediterranean mixed race of some kind And not White because the largest % of their genetics were formed in a different geographic area than White race genetics north of the Alps . What do you think ?Anyone.


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