Introducing Heathen Women!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Heathen Women!

  1. Most county and State parks let you reserve an open air type of Pavillion for a small administrative fee probably 25.00 to 50.00 depending on place and size.


    1. That is a great idea! I would much prefer to be outside in the sun instead of in some stuffy room. We could even set up an outdoor community kitchen and make a feast!

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  2. Reality check , If someone came up to you in a state park and said they were a heathen woman , & saw the invite on the net , Would you really believe what they said as true ? I wouldn’t , I would think churchy / gov or J. or j.christ. “infiltrator” there to gather data (photos names lic. no.s ect..) for their local J. /J.christ churchy private files that they keep on everyone in the local area you live in . Or , it would be some gov . agent / info. gatherer authority under a fake ID. doing the same . Why would you also give 25 or 50 to the Anti-Whites .


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