Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Diversity


Well, there are just so many reasons I LOVE die-versity, but I have narrowed it down to my top ten!  Okay here we go:

10) Being the only white person at the pool


It’s so fun to stand out from the crowd!

9) Big, beautiful families

I love seeing Mexicans, blacks, and Arabs having many children, getting food stamps and housing assistance, driving BMWs, and having mothers who don’t have to work. I am expected to work after I have a child, because of my “white privilege”.  I mean, if I didn’t work, who would pay for all of the “minorities”? Plus, white children are evil demon spawn anyway.


Pure Evil Nazi White Supremacist Germanic Death Cult Blue Eyed Devil Baby!

8) Cultural enrichment at school


It’s great that our children are learning how to bend over for a psychopathic and pedophilic prophet in class! Allahu akbar!! (I love how ethnic that sounds!)

7) Adopting black babies


It makes me happy to find out how cool and trendy it is to adopt a black baby instead of having my own white children.  Refer to the previous picture of the demonic white child.  I mean compare the two.  The black baby is so much cuter, and ethnic looking! People will think I’m so progressive 🙂

6) Constant cat calls

It’s so encouraging being cat called by certain black and hispanic men when walking into a store, or to my car, or in my car… or pretty much anywhere. Being called mami, snowflake, and blancita is fun!  Now I know another language!


She’s just pretending to be scared.  Don’t let her fool you, she actually really likes not knowing if today is the day she might be raped and killed 🙂

5) Taking care of non-whites

It is rewarding for me to donate my income to ensure (& insure) that all immigrants have access to healthcare, food, and housing.


I’m so lucky my own insurance covered only a few hundred dollars of my $2,000 hospital bill (I was there for ten minutes).  Plus, I’ve got my white privilege card, so I don’t need any help!   I’m very privileged 🙂

4) Being called a racist for having pride in my race

Now I know that white people can’t have pride because that is racist!  Only everyone else except whites can have racial pride. We are totally the oppressors!


3) Race mixing!

What a cool way to ensure your baby will have no identity as well as destroying centuries of genetic purity.  Mix it up guys!


White men and black men are equal anyways!

2) Having no more white countries

This is especially exciting in my motherland of Ireland.  I mean, it was like so totally boring and had no culture until it was flooded with immigrants.  They make the city a brighter place.  Plus, whites having their own country is racist!


Progress!! What would Ireland look like without this sassy soul sista?  I bet she’s opened her own “soul food” restaurant in downtown Dublin, in the spot where the local public house used to be.  So much cooler!

And last but not least:

1) The Genocide of my race

What’s better than getting to personally pay for these people to rape and pillage my people, ensuring the genocide of my race? I’m such a humanitarian!

a04_16975333“Come one come all!” – a direct quote from a self hating white person I know

Destroying the Lies

In all seriousness, white people need to stand up! Enough is enough!  This has gone way too far and we have allowed it. Stop permitting yourself to be guilt-tripped and lied to.  Have pride in your race.   Have pride in the accomplishments and beauty of your people.  Get your identity back. You are not the majority, but are in fact the global minority.  You have been lied to your whole life and blamed for everything.  We need to ensure a future for our white children.  Turn off the electric jew (television).  Stop buying into their degenerate mind control programs.  White women, you have been tricked into thinking that you are a sex object and nothing more.  You are made to think that sex is the only way for you to have any sort of power.  This is the biggest lie you have ever been told.  You are the mothers of our future generations. what kind of example are you setting for your children?  You are responsible for birthing a new generation of white children, who have pride in themselves and are strong, knowledgeable, healthy beings.  You have also been tricked into thinking that you are somehow liberated by having the “privilege” of joining the work force, or even joining in combat.  This is another lie.  You have been put here to mother and nurture beautiful children, as well as create and innovate.  White men, pick your head up and stop letting these animals convince you that you have been the ultimate oppressor since the beginning of time.  You are the protectors, fathers, explorers, innovators and warriors of our beautiful people.  Please realize your true power, for it is unstoppable and the powers that be know this.  White people, it is time to un-shackle/sheckle ourselves, and reclaim our lands and our futures.  I leave you with this video to further illustrate my points:


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Diversity

  1. You may want to take note of the following quote from a man of action and thinker who’s been jailed in the zio occupied countries in Europe. Mr. F. Freda :

    Morphologic Racism, definition & aims:

    “We do not support the superiority of one race over another, but the respect that each race has to have of itself, of its own racial form – that means, of its unique ‘identity’, (meaning the
    own culture, traditions, customs, religion).

    The only ones who semantically respect the multiracial society it’s us as we are respectful of the identity of each race.

    We are opposed to the dissolution of the races, the breakup of the peoples and the deformation of cultures via an universal miscegenation.
    An interracial community can be natural only on condition that each race lives independently from the other, on its own land, developing within this perimeter a culture that, as a projection of his own racial entity, is different from other cultures.

    In this sense, by condemning any notion of assimilation and integration, we auspicate an harmonious coexistence between groups of different Ethnicity, which may be conceived as the result of relations where separation and distance among the respective communities is associated with a fair cooperation among them .

    Until each of them has been guaranteed decent living conditions in the area which is tied to the divine plan. ”

    Another quote from Adolf Hitler, Führer und Reichskanzler

    “Our racism is aggressive only against the Jewish race. We speak of the Jewish race for ease of reference, since there is not, literally and in terms of genetic, a Jewish race. However, there is a reality to which, without the slightest hesitation, you can attribute this qualification and that, also, is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the existence of a human group spiritually homogeneous when Jews around the world are aware that they belong, irrespective of the country of which, administratively, they are citizens. It is the human group that we call the Jewish race. So there is no question – although the Jewish religion often serves them as a pretext – a religious community, or a bond formed by belonging to a common religion. The Jewish race is first and foremost an inner race. If it comes from the Jewish religion, if it has been shaped by the latter, nevertheless its essence is not purely religious, as the Jewish race includes the same way both atheists declared that the sincere practitioners. To this we must add the link represented by the persecution over the centuries, the Jews always forget to have caused. Under the anthropological respect, the Jews did not have the characteristics that could make


  2. …them a unique breed. It is nevertheless true that each jew concealed in their veins a few drops of blood specifically Jewish. “


    1. Very true. At the very core of the Jewish identity as ‘special’, ‘chosen’ there is a link with some kind of dark higher power; a real demonic influence. This is what gives it such power and permanence.


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