Europeans First in America, the Evidence

I have had quite a few people ask me for links to prove that Europeans inhabited the Americas long before the “Indians” arrived. I decided to post it as a “note” so it doesn’t get lost on my timeline. I know for a FACT that we whites occupied the Americas long before the arrival of the Indians and I base most of this on the Indians own legends. DNA evidence is scarce because those “in charge” have for so long tried to hide this simple fact. When bones that are found are automatically given to the Indian tribes for reburial we lose vital evidence that our Ancestors are the true Indigenous people of these lands. For many years we have been paying “reparations” to the Indians for the wrongs done to them during the colonization period of this country, so it should be understandable why they do not want this information to leak out.

Not only that, but the “official story” plays well into the concept of “white guilt”. The first link I found when I began my research was this one:… This link contains a ton of information on the White people, who according to the Indian’s own legends, lived on the North and South American Continents before they arrived here. Lucy Thompson, an American Indian, wrote a book for her people to help preserve their heritage. In it she devotes an entire chapter to the Traditions of the Ancient White People. She credits them with teaching them everything they know and they still use the fishing traps today. The link will open to that chapter:…
The most famous (I think) Indian tradition of their being Whites on this continent before the Indians arrived is the story or legend of the Hopi’s Pahana (The Great White Brother), who taught them everything they know.… The Nevada mummy find… the video is an interview with an Indian who admits that their “Ancestors” lived with White People. No DNA has been done on these mummies. The Windover Bog People (from Florida) DNA tested to be European, from 7 to 8 thousand years ago:…
Tools that match early Europeans tools found in North America:…
These Indians of Chachapoyas are the whitest and most attractive of any that I have seen in the Indies, and their women are so beautiful that many of them were worthy to be wives of the Incas, and to be taken to the temples of the sun. To this day the Indian women of this race are exceedingly beautiful, for they are white and well formed. They go dressed in woolen clothes, like their husbands, and on their heads they wear their llautos, the sign by which they may be known in all parts.…
DNA proof that Indians have European “blood” which proves the story by Lucy Thompson that some White Ancestors did intermarry with her tribe (this was NOT customary however)…… Archeological evidence shows Europeans beat the American Indians to America by some 10,000 years:…
Another book written by an Indian called “Life among the Piutes, their wrongs and claims” states that they had a “war” with white people that lasted 3 years and that they finally won by burning them alive in a cave.…
Ancient race of White Giants described by MANY Indian legends:…
The Penon Woman, she is interesting because she is the oldest skull found in the Americas, is not related to the Indians and her culture used Red Ochre in burials. Red Ochre was common for Neanderthals burial rituals… European in origin.……… The idea of using red ochre Ceremonially comes from Europe’s Neanderthals:… If you have other links, let me know and I will update this note.

3 thoughts on “Europeans First in America, the Evidence

    1. Thanks! I tried to gear the article around the “Indians” own lore. I will have to check out the Ice Age Columbus video. 🙂


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