Women voters, the FACTS

There is a lot of talk lately that we should repeal the 19th Amendment, the amendment that gives women the right to vote because women “vote stupid” or whatever excuse they may have. Today I would like to show you some real evidence that it is not the white women’s vote, but the Jewish and non-white vote that is ruining this country.

According to an article on the Huffington Post’s website titled: “The Elephant in the Exit Poll Results”

… “There have been several headlines about how women, young voters, and even Catholics led the way for Obama. However, it wasn’t the youth, female or any aspect of the religious vote that we should credit; it was the African American and Latino vote. As it stands, no other poll measure (aside from political party) explains as much variance in the election outcome than race and ethnicity; not, the opinions on the economy, not health care and not foreign policy.“ The article continues, “When the data are broken down by gender and race the results show that only minority women voted in the majority for Obama, white women mostly voted for Romney.”
In fact 35% of white men and 42% of white women voted for Obama. That is only a 7 point difference! When we look at the Republican side we have 62% white men and 56% of white women, a 6 point difference. Compare that to 96% of black women and 76% Latino.
Obviously if you group white women in with that it looks god awful, especially when you are a White Nationalist. It would mean that women decided the vote. But when you break it down by RACE, like we ALL should, we can plainly see that the non-whites are the people these folks should be attacking. Not their own White Women!
graph 1
Voting patterns by RACE

The article continues, “All white voters regardless of age —18-29, 30-44, 45-64, and 65 and older — voted a majority for Romney. All other racial ethnic groups, regardless of age, voted unanimously for Obama.”

What? Regardless of AGE all white voters voted majority Republican?
graph 2
Young voters “the stupid ones” broken down my race


Now you are going to just LOVE this next graphic… Check out the White/Jewish … yep unbelievable, huh?
graph 3
Other research points in the same direction. But since Jews include whites, and they are democratic, does this mean that THEY encompass the majority of the democrats within the demographic of white race? Now we MUST ask ourselves, why on earth would professed White Nationalists, specifically those in the AltRight attack their own women with SKEWED facts? Why? I mean come on!
Let’s take a look at some facts for the last 12 years. According to an article titled “How the Faithful Vote 2012 Preliminary Analysis” “ …nearly eight-in-ten white evangelical Protestants voted for Romney (79%), compared with 20% who backed Obama. Romney received as much support from evangelical voters as George W. Bush did in 2004 (79%) and more support from evangelicals than McCain did in 2008 (73%). Mormon voters were also firmly in Romney’s corner; nearly eight-in-ten Mormons (78%) voted for Romney, while 21% voted for Obama. Romney received about the same amount of support from Mormons that Bush received in 2004.”
graph 4
Voting patterns according to religious affiliation
In another article from Pew, titled “Changing Face of America Helps Assure Obama Victory” they state, “ Nationally, nonwhite voters made up 28% of all voters, up from 26% in 2008. Obama won 80% of these voters, the same as four years ago. “ While minority compositional gains were not huge, they offset a strong tilt against Obama among white voters. Nationally, Romney won the white vote, 59% to 39%.
graph 5
Remember jews are counted as “White”

In yet another Pew Research Article, titled “A Deep Dive in Party Affiliation” it states: There continue to be stark divisions in partisan leaning by race and ethnicity: Fully 64% of blacks identify as Democrats, compared with 25% of whites. Whites are far more likely than blacks to describe themselves as independents (40% vs. 26%) or Republicans (30% vs. 5%).

The Democratic leanings of the Millennials are associated with the greater racial and ethnic diversity among this generation. More than four-in-ten Millennials (44%) are non-white, by far the highest percentage of any age cohort.
Among non-whites, all four generations lean Democratic by wide margins, including by 61% to 23% among non-white Millennials.
Jews continue to mostly align with the Democratic Party. Nearly twice as many Jews identify as Democrats or lean Democratic (61%) than identify as Republicans or lean Republican (31%).
The partisan leanings of white mainline Protestants mirror those of all whites: 48% affiliate with (or lean toward) the GOP, while 40% identify as Democrats or lean Democratic. Similarly, black Protestants – like blacks generally – overwhelmingly lean Democratic; 82% identify as Democrats or lean Democratic compared with just 11% who align with the GOP or lean Republican.

17 thoughts on “Women voters, the FACTS

  1. So 56 percent of women and 62 percent of men voted for Romney. The voter turn out was approximately 58 percent for 2012 and whites were 72 percent of the vote. Around 126 million people voted. This means 90.7 million whites voted, of whom 28.1 million were men who voted for Romney and 25.4 million were women who voted for Romney — this assumes that men and women voted in equal numbers. If Women voted as men did, Romney would have had 2.7 million more votes . The total difference in votes was around 5 million. So you are right, the female vote was not determinate, at least not in this case.

    At any rate, in order to remove the 19th Amendment you would have to pass a constitutional amendment which would be much harder than simply winning more female votes.

    As you note, the racial and religious difference is by far more important. The marxists and feminists have already set men and women against each other, there is no need to add to it by LARPing about repealing the 19th amendment. More women will get on board when we start to win.


    1. “So you are right, the female vote was not determinate, at least not in this case.”

      You made one crucial mistake in your calculations. If Romney gains 2.7 million more votes, Obama LOSES 2.7 more votes. That’s a swing of 5.4 million, and in an election decided by less than 5 million votes, that means that White women DID put Obama in office.

      (Also, men and women do not vote in equal numbers, in 2012 turnout was 53% women, 47% men. The difference was actually closer to 2.9, making for a swing of 5.8 million votes.)

      Many valid reasons to repeal the 19th amendment.


      1. It would make a difference. I think the globalists can get away with voter fraud within 5-10 points of the election, but I don’t think they could reasonably do 20 points (which is what it would most likely be if only men voted). Besides, we’re probably closer to repealing the 19th amendment than getting rid of voting entirely.


      2. The irony is that to ever get that done, you’d have to bring your attention back to the problem of blue pilled egalitarian men who’d never support your idea. Also that Eastern European countries with a higher female-male ratio (due to emigration) are far more nationalistic than Americans or Western Europeans. Acknowledge reality about anything and everything, but don’t act like female voters are the main issue we need to obsess over. You could make a bigger difference even just by changing the minimum voting age anyways.


  2. Great seeing a group that does not blame women or men. Pitting man and woman against each other accomplishes what? Destruction & mistrust is all I can see from it. We have decaying societies but instead of actively trying to counter it we have so many people argueing over who takes the blame while they add to the divide. They blame their own people & turn against them, playing right into the hands of those actually guilty.

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  3. I don’t understand the cucks who blame women for their voting record. It has never been about the sexes, but family. I favour the traditionalist method from England in its aristocratic years. One family, one vote. And the kicker – you had to own a property.

    As it stands, you don’t even have to have a stake in the future of your society or local community, culturally or economically. With the checks for property and blood, you’re going to get a much more protective people. Blaming women is not getting you closer to the goal of a cohesive society, only build resentment.


  4. You might want to write an article on women’s attitudes regarding the paramount issue of immigration, which seems to be more opposed to it than men are.

    A month ago, @LadyAodh on Twitter posted an article saying that only 4% of American women support Hillary’s proposal to admit 100K+ Middle East refugees…

    Trump: Hillary Can’t Say She Cares About Women While Importing Radical Refugees to America

    I was curious to see what the men’s support was. The article didn’t tell it directly, but said that the overall support was 5%, which indicates the men’s support was higher at 6%.

    This seemed odd, and so I tried to google up more evidence of this difference. I soon found two articles that also indicated women oppose immigration more than men…

    WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Steady on View of Immigration’.
    Does immigration help more than hurts?:
    Men 49%-42% (+7% positive)
    Women 39%-52% (-13% negative)

    ‘No difference’ in immigration attitudes, politicians claim- Scotland poll.
    Should immigration be cut?:
    Men 60%
    Women 69%

    Not sure if these results are broadly representative, but they seem pretty telling.

    A counter-argument would be that dependent women oppose immigrants because they view them as competitors for handouts, while supporting the same liberal politicians that favor both handouts and immigration. Even if true, higher women’s opposition to immigration has value.

    This leads in to my view on voting rights, which is pretty simple. 1) Anyone dependent on government assistance can’t vote; such people naturally vote to make government an instrument of plunder. 2) The vote must be earned by contributing to society; men must do this by military service (etc.) or tax-paying, and women must do this by having at least two children. This would eliminate the problem of more liberal women voters, while giving women an incentive to procreate. A woman who rears two children without taking any government assistance is either a) married to a good husband or b) an independent earner herself. (Note: This doesn’t mean I’m opposed to women with children getting assistance, just that I don’t think they should vote.)


  5. Blaming women in general is a crying-shame.

    It’s a DIVISIVE TOOL, engineered by the zionist jews and their shabbat goyims.

    Attacking the same women who are supposed to pertain to your own Nation, Community, Culture and Race is a crime.
    Is there somebody who’s still unable to see it (with the notorious exception of the so called alternative right—->a name which is a scam itself)…?


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