Why All White Women Are Feminists

Here are the top five reasons that all White women are feminists, no matter what they say.

5) They have emotions

In addition to boobs and vaginas, which are actually useful, women have yucky emotions and stuff.  They often will start crying when they are upset, and even sometimes raise their voices. It’s a disgusting quality, which men never show. White women need to get their emotions in check, and get back in the kitchen to make their men sandwiches.

4) They want to be respected

They want to be treated with respect. I know, it’s sickening. They expect men to treat them like they are actually human.  We all know that’s not the case, now don’t we? Men treating women like they are actually human is the reason this world is going to hell in a hand basket, fast! Thanks pagans.

3) They are attention whores

Whenever they create content for their people, they are simply doing it to be attention whores. Women aren’t intelligent enough to learn how to edit video, record music, create art, or radio programs, so they will pathetically try and “signal” to everyone that they are actually trying to fight against White genocide, which they are 100% responsible for in the first place.

2) They don’t like being property

They actually take issue with being treated as chattel. I mean, what the hell?  They say they are “traditionalists”, yet they actually want freedom, and rights? Ugh! Makes me sick.

1) They are rent-seeking

Previously these pesky women were trying to enter the work force, but now some actually want to be able to stay home with their children, and not work. Some will even try to find alternative ways to make an income, other than a slave job, and we absolutely CANNOT support that “rent seeking” behavior. Women need to stop being so lazy and go “rent seek” at their slave jobs, where they belong.


White women need to learn some obedience, realize their place in this world, and take an example from societies that really know how to correct the female problem, which is far more disastrous to us than the jewish problem. We would be in a much better state if this is what our women looked like..ch

These are some of the talking points that I see used against White women all over the internet.  Yes, some are trolls, but some are actually angry White men.


8 thoughts on “Why All White Women Are Feminists

  1. yeah. I call the Masonic-Bimbo mentality. To this phallic gang ( they didn’t accept women for most of their existence ), women are trophies and breeders at best. Which is a catastrophic mistake, since the Enemy, using the Jewish element behind which the *real* elite hides, makes use of their females most aggressively. A Jewess is seen by the “community” as an element of propaganda, no matter what she does. As she’s not brainwashed that being Jew is bad or “Nazi”, she tends to be proud of her ancestry, and spreads that pride around. White women suffer a double assault, from both the dominant culture ( Jewish-run ) and the Masonic element among white men.
    Why the hell was the “dumb blonde” stereotype even allowed to be established in the first place ?
    Check out super-Alfa Paul Ramsey now asking if women should even be allowed on the net. Hiding behind the “funny boy/naughty smart-ass” mask of course.


  2. I am not sure what the point of this article is. It is a fact that there is a problem in European and European-colonised countries such as in the Americas and Australasia with how women see their role. Decades of feminist propaganda has confused the female of our race and caused no end of disruption in the home with divorces now almost equalling the rate of marriages taking place. It is also a fact that men have been marginalised with decades of propaganda and anti-male legislation which has attempted and almost succeeded in ousting man from his natural role as master of his own hearth. Traditional male roles in the workplace have also been endangered and what we are seeing now is role reversal taking place. Increasingly men are encouraged to become subservient are emasculated. The ideal ‘man’ is now portrayed as being ‘metrosexual’ and ideally mixed-race whilst the ideal woman is now ‘strong’, the breadwinner and soldier, protecting the weak male of the race. Racially aware white women denying this does not help but makes the problem worse.


    1. The point of this article is to demonstrate that there are a group of “men” who think that all women are feminists no matter what we think, do or say.


      1. I don’t know why you have inserted the word ‘men’ in inverted commas? The tone of the article is hostile and rather than attack men for the perceptions that they have about modern western women which by and large is generally accurate, women should seek to address the problem that they have. I don’t know how old you are young lady but I suspect that you are young enough to be my daughter so when I say to you that there has been a noticeable shift in terms of male and female relations in the last 20 odd years I speak from observation of an observeable phenomenon and compare this to the woman of the 1960s and 70s. Since the mid 1990s we have witnessed the rise of what is termed ‘girl power’ where females have embraced feminism to the extent that they see themselves as not only the ‘equal’ of men but more masculine than men. They have abandoned their femininity and have adopted in many cases masculine personas, many going so far as to becoming lesbians in some cases. They have become what are called ‘ladettes’, drinking from pint glasses, sporting severe short haircuts and ‘swearing like a trooper’. The media has encouraged this with their not so subtle reversal of roles which we see in advertising on television. Alcoholism and drunknenness have become rife amongst females so it is not surprising that some men (who are not racially aware) have sought mates from other races and other parts of the world, most especially oriental women who are perceived as being traditional. However many of these relationships end badly as the woman acts in a predator fashion and is really only interested in gaining access to a western country and then fleecing her husband in the divorce court. These men then become embittered. You can’t expect the average person, male or female to understand the cause of this predicament or who is behind it so naturally men in these situations become resentfull of all women. So writing negative and clearly anti-male articles like this not only does not help the situation but feeds into this narrative.


  3. Hi Sinead , As a women , What do you think the % is of White race women that are Anti-White race ? What do you think is the % of women that are “awake” Anti , Anti-White race women? What is IYO the % of women that are between the two?


      1. A) You’re defining the question very poorly, perhaps due to English not being your primary language. The conditions given aren’t even necessarily on a continuum.
        B) Asking a stupid question isn’t the same as making an interesting argument.
        C) If the “average person, male or female” can’t figure out the problem from your example, the average person is an idiot. Of note, the average person isn’t chosen for Valhalla either.
        D) As a man (not in quotation marks), I find nothing anti-male in the post at all. I thought it was funny satire.
        E) Any man who is “ousted” from his natural role in the home by legislation is exactly the kind of weakling that will be dominated by any woman, from any race, and should not be allowed to reproduce, a fact that the law of nature is even now fulfilling.


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