Top Five Reasons We Need Women In The Movement

5) Women attract other women

Let’s admit it. Most of us women follow the groups. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, as it’s something we have developed in order to survive. However, this adaptation is now being used to exploit us, and turn us against our own people. If enough of us women become racial advocates, it will become “trendy” to do so, and the rest will follow.

4) Women approach propaganda differently

We all know that men and women are not “equal”, but complimentary forces. We approach problem solving from a much different standpoint. As women, we are more driven by emotions, where men are driven by logic. Of course there are always exceptions, but I’m speaking in general terms. It is important as women that we make propaganda targeted at our fellow ladies. We know what worked for us in our awakening and we can use what worked to inspire other ladies.

3) Wherever women go, the men will follow

Women are gatekeepers. We decide who we will marry and with whom we will have children. If women decided to have pride in themselves and their people, the few men that haven’t gotten it together yet will follow. Women set the precedent on how they should be treated, and when women are degrading themselves on a daily basis, the men want nothing to do with it. Once women begin taking pride in themselves and their people, the rift between the sexes will cease to exist.

It’s being promoted that where men will go, women will follow, but it could take a very long time for men to gain enough resources and respect to attract women to the cause. On the other hand, women can quickly and effectively shame men into becoming advocates for our race.

2) Because our enemy hates us working together

They are working night and day to make sure that Aryan man and woman stay at each others throats, and not united. They used feminism to destroy the women and are now using MGTOW (meninism) to corrupt the men, causing both sexes to loathe each other in a contrived “battle of the sexes”. It’s time to trash these divisive traps, and unite together for our common goal, which is to kick out the parasites, and restore our lands.

1) Women are the gatekeepers of life

As mentioned before, without our women, we will have no mothers to birth White children. If we don’t have proud White women, who love their people, and pass this love onto their children, then our people have no future.


6 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons We Need Women In The Movement

  1. I am happy to see you ladies doing such a great job of disseminating the facts. Us men should all help other men to think seriously about their views of women and where those views come from. A serious effort has been made by our true enemy to distort the truth. And has twisted so many into looking away from the true source of our problems (Jewry)

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    1. This is bordering on feminism and matriarchy. A healthy stable Aryan society is patriarchal. Women have done a little too much ‘leading’ and ‘choosing’ for my liking. What we need instead is for Aryan men to grow testacles and determine who will mate with their daughters. By projecting a masculine and not a feminised persona we will ensure that the right physical specimens are fertilised-which need not be in a marital arrangement.


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