Vaccinations Are Injecting Parasites Into Our Children

Mother, warrior and natural practitioner, Robin Goffee shares her research on parasites from vaccinations and the connection to autism, other developmental and seizure disorders.  This is a must watch for parent’s of children with autism. This woman is healing children by removing these parasites from the body and detoxing the children. Our children are being poisoned and this must stop once and for all!


2 thoughts on “Vaccinations Are Injecting Parasites Into Our Children

  1. Note how she says that 19th century doctors discovered parasitic infections cause “compliance”.
    The jews (no capital letter intended, they do not deserve one) use organisations like the CDC & WHO to deliberately, or a happy convenience through negligence when obtaining the ‘source’ material used for vaccine toxins, inject the Goyim with parasites, under the guise of ‘preventative medicine’.
    The jewish parasites, after Germany tried to remove by containing and expelling them, use a vaccination program to prevent their removal and keep non-jumanity tied to big pharma for life. Evil genius.


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