A New Earth Is Born

This is a short video montage that I recently put together. I want everyone to get a visual of the kind of world that I want for my children’s future. A world where they can live amongst their folk and in harmony with nature.  A world where they are not constantly under attack from predators. Every time I watch this I am moved to tears. Allow yourself to cry if those emotions come up. I truly believe that watching something so beautiful like this heals our nervous system of past traumas. People that have been witnesses to natural births have reported a profound spiritual shift after witnessing such magic. So many of us were brought into this world in a traumatic and hideous way. It is our responsibility to heal from our traumas and to birth our children into this world in a loving and peaceful way.  We will save the world with beauty. We will birth a new earth one angel at a time.

Video Clips were taken from this Russian Documentary.


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